Is rFactor 2 Worth it in 2022

Is rFactor 2 Worth it in 2022?

rFactor 2

rFactor 2 has for nine years now been one of the premier sim racing experiences. However, is it a good game, or just a good sim? Find out in our latest video.

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rFactor 2 has always been held up as one of the most realistic racing simulations in the world, if not the most realistic one of all. It boasts a loyal fanbase, an in-depth physics engine with stellar force feedback, and a thriving modding community. However, does all this make it a worthwhile pick up in 2022? After all, the game is now nine years old. Join ChampionJoe as he gives his honest, and perhaps surprising, review of rFactor 2.

What makes a Good Sim a Good Game?

Recently, rFactor 2 received a significant update which improve the interface and in-game menus. Confusing, ugly and cluttered menus that used to be a feature of the game are all gone now, and the sleek redesign works wonders for the game’s overall usability. So this new aspect of the game get’s Joe’s thumbs up.

Obviously, the driving itself is very high quality – the game isn’t considered to be one of the best simulations on the market for no reason! However, is it enough for a sim racing game to simply have the best physics and force feedback systems?

Where the game excels in driving feel, it lacks in driving content. The total absence of any sort of a career mode or custom championships in singleplayer can lead to a somewhat empty experience. For those who just love to drive, this isn’t a big issue, but for those who crave competition it is certainly a drawback. When it comes to multiplayer things aren’t much better. There are no safety or skill ratings, and anyone can enter any race, provided they have the necessary DLC for it. So, does this lack of game modes mean that rFactor 2 isn’t worth it in 2022? Watch our latest video to find out!

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