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What is The Goal For rFactor 2 Online in 2024?

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Studio 397 revived rFactor 2’s online mode for players in October 2023 with a new ranked mode. But what can players expect in 2024? And what’s the goal of its new online mode? Player numbers have dwindled and content has been repeating itself

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What’s The Goal of rFactor 2 Online?

I think the goal of rFactor 2 Online is simple. Create a reliable and structured online mode and ranking system that could be implemented into Le Mans Ultimate when the title is released next month.

Studio 397 put a lot of effort into the rFactor 2 version, which is clear. But the final goal of its ranking system is more than likely to see how its community would react to an iRacing style ranked mode.

The Motorsport Games licensing fiasco had a sizable impact on rFactor 2’s game content. The loss of the BTCC and IndyCar licenses is a prime example – the BTCC races on the service have been hastily renamed ‘Touring Cars’. Studio 397 doesn’t appear to be releasing any more base game content, nor DLC packs, for rFactor 2. Le Mans Ultimate is just over a month away and the pressure is on to deliver.

The goal of rFactor 2 Online was always to run a prolonged test to see if their format worked over a longer period. This is hinted at by the nomenclature. The service is called ‘rFactor 2 Online’, but it’s powered by ‘RaceControl’. Why have a separate name for the service and the tech, if the tech wasn’t going to be used elsewhere?

The lack of fresh base game content and repeated combinations has slowly declined users’ interest. But this is far from the end for rFactor 2 Online. Studio 397 won’t let their new mode die after just a few months. The dedicated rFactor 2 player base will utilise the variety in their sim even when Le Mans Ultimate is released.

Le Mans Ultimate Preview Screenshot. Image Credit: Studio 397

What Could We See From rFactor 2 in 2024?

Don’t be fooled, Le Mans Ultimate will be Studio 397’s big push in 2024. We hope rFactor 2 won’t be forgotten about, but new cars and tracks are unlikely in the first half of 2024. A consistent update to the online mode and any bug fixes will surely be present.

The re-establishment of lost licenses seems almost impossible at this point. But once Le Mans Ultimate releases, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that rFactor 2 could get a sizable GT3 update. More cars from series that have nothing to do with Motorsport Games would also go a long way with the community to build back that trust. An expansion to the karting offerings or even something new like racing trucks or junior formula series would go a long way.

In terms of tracks, there is a possibility that rFactor 2 could receive updated versions of tracks already in the base game from Le Mans Ultimate. An update to Spa and the Nürburgring would be a huge addition to the title.

Could Tracks Like Spa See An Update? Image Credit: Studio 397

rFactor 2 has limited potential with the content on offer. But the end is far from near. Despite Le Mans Ultimate being released in just over a month, Studio 397 has released nothing official about stopping the development of rFactor 2. Le Mans Ultimate will be received in a similar way to Assetto Corsa Competizione. It’s a single-discipline title, and some players will have no interest in WEC or sportscars in general. This isn’t the end for rFactor 2, we hope…

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