Top 5 BeamNG Vehicle Mods

Top 5 Free Vehicle Mods In

The mod repository for is one of the stand-out features of the soft-body physics title. From sports cars to post-war vans, here are the top 5 highest-rated BeamNG vehicle mods.

These five BeamNG vehicle mods are all available from the official repository and can be downloaded with ease. To start with, open up BeamNG and then tab back out to the repository. Click on the car you want to download and select the option ‘View in-game’. This will then take you back to BeamNG where the mod will be installing its latest version ready for you to use.

5. 2020 Hirochi CCF

In fifth place on this list is the Hirochi CCF. A modern and capable sportscar that has been fully redesigned from its previous iteration. New Jbeams and a chassis redesign have put the Hirochi CCF as the go-to mod for any player who wants the latest technology in BeamNG outside of developer content.

Inspired by the Toyota GR86 and the latest Mazda MX-5, the CCF offers more features than almost any other sportscar mod. What’s more, the mod is 100% free to use in its entirety.

Whether you’re an offroading fan or a wheel-to-wheel racing fan, the CCF has a configuration to suit you. A faithfully recreated Mazda MX-5 Cup Car is my favourite configuration. It is a shame that the tyre model of BeamNG isn’t up to scratch, but recreating some iconic moments in these cup cars has been incredible fun!

Hirochi CCF Cup Car Replica
Hirochi CCF Cup Car At Hirochi Raceway

Unique Hirochi CCF Features

  • Uniquely designed exterior and interior, heavily referencing the old CCF, Mazda MX-5 and Toyota GR86
  • Automatic Emergency Braking, where the vehicle will warn you and then stop if it detects a situation where you may not intervene
  • Automatic Headlight Control
  • Headlights will turn on in the dark and turn back off again when not needed anymore
  • Headlights will also automatically use high beams where appropriate
  • Blind Spot Sensors on the mirrors activate when something you cannot see appears in your mirror’s blind spot
  • Hill Start Assist, which holds the brakes on a hill start, to prevent stalling
  • Parking Sensors
  • Electric and ICE powertrains
  • Fully interactive interior, with ceiling light, customisable ambient lighting, button lighting, functional screens (infotainment to be built on in 1.1+)
  • Fully functional manual Soft top, with a 2-latch system like its real counterpart
  • Part-dependent audio muffling and opening windows
  • Detailed police equipment with added functionality
  • Faithfully replicated MX-5 Cup car, with functional gauges, a fully refitted interior and tuning to create a suitable entry-level race car
  • Fully unique and faithful to the type engine tunes, with VVL and custom additional sounds

4. Satsuma 210 ’58

The Satsuma 210 is a variety-filled mod based around the ’58-59 Datsun 1000 L210/L220 with some changes to avoid copyright issues. Everything is modelled, Jbeamed and textured from scratch. This is a developer-quality mod that comes in so many shapes and sizes.

Drag Car – Estate – Pickup Truck – Convertible – Panel Van

The frames are of strong, fully boxed design. Very uncommon in small cars of the 50’s. The sedan and SWB truck frames have 222cm and LWB truck frames have 252cm wheelbase. The sturdy truck frames are very similar to the standard passenger car frames, the metal is just a bit thicker to allow for a heavier cargo load.

There are a total of seven all-steel bodies featuring many styling cues from the English cars of the 1950s.

  • Classic four-door sedan
  • Two-door convertible featuring opening top
  • Four-door wagon featuring a conventional two-piece tailgate like most wagons of the era
  • Two-door passenger van with side windows, chromed window protector bars and a roomy rear seat. Cargo capacity: 800kg
  • Two-door panel van without the rear seat and side windows. The spacious cargo compartment can fit up to three barrels. Cargo capacity: 800kg
  • Short bed, short wheelbase pickup truck featuring a short JDM cab and a standard cab protector bar.
  • Long bed, long wheelbase pickup truck featuring a long export model cab and room for up to three barrels on the bed

3. 1994 ETK K-Series

In third place is the ETK K-Series. This fun roadster has a wide range of custom parts and configurations to keep you engaged, as well as a fun-oriented drivetrain that will put a smile on your face as soon as you get behind the wheel. Based loosely on the BMW Z3, the K-Series has a lot of German influence when it comes to liveries and configurations.

ETK K-Series. Image Credit: LucasBE

The 3D model and Jbeam structures were made from the ground up to meet BeamNG developer standards. This means all the panels can open and are simulated. The soft top is also realistically modelled and has its own animations.

In comparison to the Hirochi CCF BeamNG vehicle mod earlier in this list, the detail is on par and it drives just as accurately as one would expect from a mid-nineties sportscar. It is much simpler than the CCF, due to the age, but don’t let that deter you. The customization is encouragingly diverse and there are plenty of amazing configurations available straight out of the gate.

With five new wheels available with the mod as well as a range of engines and tuning options, the K-Series is the perfect addition to the BeamNG sports car line up. There is not a similar mod that comes anywhere near the level of quality that is on offer for this age of vehicle.

2. 2022 Procyon Centauri 

In the runners-up spot is the Procyon Centauri. A high-end SUV aimed at the North American market, the Centauri takes heavy influence from vehicles like the Cadillac Escalade. Low-end hardware will struggle to run this vehicle due to the volume of screens and LUA functions included.

The designated trim levels create a different playing experience depending on which one you choose. From the base U model to the luxury L series, the Procyon Centauri has something to offer every player. Whilst not quite taking the top spot for the community’s favourite BeamNG vehicle mod, it sits at just over 775,718 downloads at the time of writing.

Unique Procyon Centauri Features

  • Adjustable Air Suspension: Adjusted with ‘Ctrl Page Up’ and ‘Ctrl Page Down’, and reset with ‘Ctrl END’, the suspension found on the L520T can sit at any height you need for whatever purpose.
  • Opening Sunroofs: The sunroofs can raise with ‘U’ and roll back using ‘Shift U’. This will let you get some digital fresh air.
  • Toggleable third row: To fit in two more unicycles, you can raise the Centauri’s third row using ‘Shift S’.

As well as these togglable features, the Centauri also comes with a crazy ten new interior colours and trim levels as well as seven new sets of wheels. Within the garage mode, you can customize which trim levels have which colours as well as what tyres you put on the new sets of wheels. This car would be the perfect end for a career mode run to show off your wealth and experience.

Seven New Sets Of Wheels
Seven New Sets Of Wheels. Image Credit: Finn Wilkinson

1. Gavril Vertex NA2

By far and away the most impressive BeamNG vehicle mod, The Gavril Vertex NA2 is based on a Ford Focus. Not the most interesting base for a mod but the developer, inn0centJok3r, has transformed the Vertex NA2 to extend the limitations of the boring family hatchback. From rocket cars to double-decker banger racers, the Vertex NA2 is the most customizable vehicle in BeamNG’s history.

Gavril Vertex NA2 Configurations. Image Credit: Inn0centJok3r

Unique Gavril Vertex NA2 Features

  • 1300 selectable parts
  • 10 engines to choose from
  • 53 liveries
  • A dome light and ambient footwell lighting that can be turned on
  • Fully interactable interior with triggers that control various functions
  • AFR tuning and camshaft timing tuning to tune your engine in depth!
  • A unique drag system that makes the car have drastically less top speed when body panels are removed.
  • Certain add-on parts reduce drag.
  • Glowing brakes
  • working infotainment screen with a reversing camera
  • Lots of custom screens and HTML
  • Deep engine customization
  • The gauge cluster lights up when starting the engine
  • A working radio that can be edited to have your music
  • Fully functional Taximeter


Amongst the vast array of impressive additions sits the engine customization choices and displacements. You can have a simple and underpowered ‘Ecobooscht 1.0l i3’ and then move into the ridiculously powerful ‘Deo Volente 9.5l V8’. AFR and Camshaft timing tuning make its debut with the NA2, a first in the world of BeamNG.

The Gavril Vertex is truly something special. Sitting at over double the downloads of the Centauri at an incredible 1,404,846 at the time of writing. Not only has the Vertex got something for everyone, it also shows what is possible within BeamNG. It is a trailblazer and all mods going forward should look at the Vertex and take inspiration.

Which BeamNG vehicle mod would you like to see within this list in the future? Let us know over on X @OverTake_gg or down in the comments below!

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