BS+COMPETITION extend esports programme to Trackmania

BS+COMPETITION extend esports programme to Trackmania


After competing in various esports racing championships, the Munich zebras are taking to the ramps and loops of the Trackmania Grand League.

Photo credit: BS+COMPETITION

Renowned sim racing team BS+COMPETITION have announced this Friday that they will compete in the Trackmania Grand League with a whole lineup of players. This coming a couple of months after expanding their efforts into the Rocket League Championship Series, in which BS+ acquired the preexisting Godsmilla’s Team and signed former Veloce Esports RLCS pro Sandro “FreaKii” Holzwarth.

A giant among esports teams

After starting up the team mid-way through 2019, BS+ have really established themselves from relative unknowns to one of the leading lights in the esports racing scene. They even became one of the affiliate BMW Sim Racing outfits along with Team RedLine, Williams Esports and G2 Esports, and have official BMW works drivers racing for them in esports competitions such as DTM champion Bruno Spengler, W Series runner-up Beitske Visser and Porsche Supercup champion Phillip Eng.

The players who will join BS+ to represent them in the TMGL are Glast, Dark, Snow, Tjalic and most prominently, Dofault, whose most notable achievement is winning the Winter 2021 Open Grand League. After expanding into Rocket League, it only makes sense that Trackmania is the next natural step for the pioneering esports racing team.

Florian Haasper, founder of BS+COMPETITION, told OverTake:

It has always been clear that our entry into esports would not stop with a strong esports racing squad. Being competitive on four wheels – this is our DNA. So we added a top-level Rocket League team to our stable, enabling the Zebras to attract even more attention and to expand our horizons. And to round off our four-wheel esports programme, we soon set our sights on Trackmania. The speed, the competition, the challenge: this is a perfect fit to BS+COMPETITION. It’s fantastic to have Dofault, Glast, Dark, Snow and Tjalic on our team. Let’s get ZEBRAmania started!

BS+ joining the Trackmania Grand League makes it the third prominent esports racing team to participate. Lazarus Esports compete with their player  Dennis ‘Scrapie’ Heinen, and also the 2018 Trackmania world champion Martin ‘Kappa’ Krompolc competes currently for McLaren Shadow who previously ran under the Veloce Esports name until this year.

The Zebras will be making their TMGL debut in the Trackmania Grand League World Cup which starts on 26 June, and you can watch it all on Trackmania’s official Twitch channel.

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