Episode 58 - Eirik Holdal, Spam and Pac on Trackmania Esports

Episode 58: Eirik Holdal on Trackmania Esports


Join Rene as he talks with Trackmania pros Pac and Spam, as well as the leading expert on the game Eirik Holdal.

Have you ever played Trackmania? It’s a great racing game, full of incredible high speeds, loops and other cool tricks where precision separates the good drivers from the great. The Trackmania series has been around for a long time now, but it has seen something of a renaissance with the latest 2020 release.

Big streamers such as Wirtual and Majijej have increased the game’s popularity a lot, but this heightened popularity hasn’t necessarily made it to the esports side of the game. To work out why this is, our host Rene spoke to leading Trackmania expert Eirik Holdal and also professional Trackmania drivers Tim ‘Spam’ Lunenburg and Thomas ‘Pac’ Cole on this week’s Nitro Nights.

An Array of Opinions

Before talking to Eirik and Spam, we first got the opinions of one of the very fastest guys in the world of Trackmania esports, Thomas ‘Pac’ Cole. He discussed the new system which is being implemented for the primary esports competition on the game: the Trackmania Grand League or TMGL. Of late, two changes to the scoring system and overall structure of the TMGL have been widely criticised by fans, but Pac is optimistic that these latest upcoming changes will benefit the overall experience.

Eirik Holdal is the world’s premiere journalist who is dedicated to Trackmania coverage, and he is a major voice in the game’s community. In his opinion, the newest game in the series is geared towards esports competition, and the community at large wants to see more in the way of esports. He admits that there is currently a bit of a barrier to entry for potential fans, as the TMGL is not widely known outside of hardcore fans of the game. However, Eirik feels positive that things are heading in the right direction.

Once we had heard from Eirik, Rene then got pro player Spam on the line to get a third angle on the subject. For Spam, the esports scene had been lacking in quality and growth for a long time, but recent changes which have seen the direct involvement of the game’s developers are promising for the future. To find out more about what Pac, Spam and Eirik had to say on player salaries, esports structure and more, give our latest Nitro Nights episode a watch now.

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