$50,000 Upcoming TrackMania event breaks record

$50,000: Upcoming TrackMania event breaks record


Reporter of TrackMania Eirik Holdal spilled details on an upcoming event taking place on-site in his hometown in Norway. This tournament will provide the biggest cash prize pool in history of all competitive TM.

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TrackMania esports will see its biggest prize pool yet in an LAN event with the intention of it taking place in August 2022. This is the efforts of reporter Eirik Holdal who is aiming to attract the biggest names in all of TM to gather in his hometown of Ørnes, Meløy kommune.

That prize pot is the equivalent of $50,000 which makes it double the currently biggest TrackMania prize pool since the most recent game launched in July 2020. It’s also bigger than the prize pool of the previous highest in all of TrackMania history which was $42,000 back in 2006. Holdal hopes that this event can be a catalyst to propel TrackMania amongst some of the biggest championships in esports such as Rocket League, Counter-Strike, VALORANT and League of Legends.

Holdal’s intention to host the event in August will mean it takes place not long after the Grand League World Cup in July. The plan is to have 16 of the best players in all of TM taking part, one confirmed so far is our Hero of the Month for July 2021, 4-time TrackMania world champion Carl-Antoni ‘CarlJr.’ Cloutier.

There will be a qualification process that will allow any and all potential players to earn their way into this event.

Wanting to give back

Holdal is priding his efforts on wanting to shine a spotlight on the small town he originates from. He told us he wants to go against the norm of having LAN events consist of players travelling to and from the airport, staying in their hotel and only heading to the arena they’ll be competing in. All players will be able to take some time before the tournament begins to take in all that Ørnes has to offer, such as glaciers and mountain tops.

This is all part of Holdal’s desire to give back to the community that served him so well. A town that consists of a general population of 2,000 people – compared to previous TrackMania on-site events host cities like Paris that has a population of over two million people – will never have seen anything of this scale in terms of esports before.

How can we watch?

When the event takes place, the plan is to have the events broadcast in English since it’s the most recognised language universally and there will be opportunities for individual professional casters to broadcast it as well. So keep an eye out for how to follow this event.

Esports racing fans can follow to see if the likes of McLaren Shadow and BS+COMPETITION have their players like Martin ‘Kappa’ Krompolc and Aurélien ‘Dofault‘ Desplanque able to qualify for the event.

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