Trackmania Review: Same name, same game

Trackmania Review: Same name, same game?


Trackmania establishes season model.

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Trackmania is probably one of the most unique racing games. Its minimalicstic gameplay combines clear presentation with very reduced controls. This gameplay formula sounds boring, but Trackmania catches almost everyone who has ever laid a finger on it for 17 years now. Three years after Trackmania 2: Lagoon we get a new title of the beloved series.

Found it, like we left it

The new game simply refers to the name Trackmania and comes as a reboot of Trackmania Nations from 2006. Basically nothing has changed. The presentation sticks to the stadium atmosphere of Trackmania Nations and Nations Forever while keeping its clean style. Therefore the graphics had not much space to improve, but the lighting and reflections are slightly prettier than before. Trackmania is not an ugly game though. Players just have to accept that the game will probably always devote the presentation to the clean and fast gameplay.

The new Trackmania game is out now!
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One thing that hasn’t changed either is that you still have to lead your car through roller-coaster-like tracks and try to make it into the finish as fast as possible. Opponents appear only as ghosts, your true enemy is the clock. The entrance into the game is very easy due to its accessable controls. One button for acceleration, one for the brakes and left right steering. That is all you get and all you need. Plus one button for quickreset, which you will use VERY much. Just because the cars are easy to steer, it doesn’t mean that the game is easy. But as the next medal is mostly only split seconds ahaid and you can try again so quick, it usually takes minutes until you are caught by addiction.

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Free for beginners, entry fee for enthusiasts

Some might say, that if you have played one Trackmania, you can spare the others. The newest edition will probably offer the biggest package yet in the whole series though. The reboot establishes a free-to-play season model. The career mode will change quarterly during the year and thus deliver a huge amount of tracks. The arcade mode or track editor are also included.

track editor
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For the full experience you can purchase a standard license for €9.99 or a club license for €29.99. While the standard license mainly adds enhanced features like the advanced editor mode, the club license opens the door to the highest competetive spheres of Trackmania.

While you can only participate in the National League with the other licences, a club membership gives you the right to race in the Open Grand League. Also you can found your own clubs and create and share online rooms. So basically the new Trackmania offers nothing new to veterans, but provides them with fresh content for a long time. At the same time, newcomers have never had a better opportunity to make their first step into the series.

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