How to get your first author medals in Trackmania Summer

How to Get Author Medals in Trackmania Summer


New to Trackmania? This guide will help you to earn author medals on the first three maps of the summer 2021 campaign!

Photo credit: Ubisoft Nadeo

Trackmania is a game about searching for perfection. The best players in the world aim to shave the tiniest fractions off of their times in order to move as high up the leaderboards as they can. This can make the game somewhat daunting for newer players looking to pick up the game and play through the campaign maps. This beginner’s guide will help players to achieve the author medal on the first three maps of the summer 2021 campaign.

Summer 2021 – 01

This opening level isn’t too tough, and with a bit of practice reaching the author medal time of a 0:21.024 should be manageable for most players. In order to get such a time, the most important thing to remember is that you should never lift off of the throttle.

Keep your distance to the inside of turn one
Try to keep your distance to the inside of turn one. Photo credit: Ubisoft Nadeo

Turns 2 and 3 provide a little bit of a challenge at first, but after a few attempts you will find yourself hitting those apexes and avoiding the outside walls. One thing to watch out for is taking turn 1 too sharply, as doing so can cause your car to become unsettled.

Summer 2021 – 02

The second map of this campaign is surprisingly difficult, with turn 3 in particular presenting a significant challenge. You can take the first two corners flat out without any issue. When you come to turn 3, try to stay towards the outside of the track the whole way through the corner, as going too far inside will cause you to fly into the air. By lifting off of the throttle for just a moment, you should be able to avoid crashing into the outside wall.

Stay wide through turn three
Make sure you stay wide through turn three. Photo credit: Ubisoft Nadeo

After turn 3, keep your car over to the right for the entry to the fourth turn. This one you can also take flat out, but it’s not as easily flat as the first two corners were. As such, it may take a few attempts. The author medal can be achieved with a time of 0:25.371, making 02 one of the higher bars to overcome in terms of difficulty.

Summer 2021 – 03

Conversely to 02, the third map of the summer 2021 campaign has a relatively easy author medal to obtain at a 0:22.201. There are two key points of this track, both of which are relatively easy to manage once you know what to do. For the first corner, aim to clip the dark green grass on the inside of both the first and second apexes. Doing so will save you multiple tenths of a second.

Cutting both apexes of turn one
Cutting both apexes of turn one is the way to go. Photo credit: Ubisoft Nadeo

In turn 2, you can afford a little lift, but it is possible to take it flat out. Lifting a little does make the jump which follows easier to manage, however. After you land from the jump you get to turn 3, which is best taken by taking the apex as tight as you can.

Then comes the final checkpoint before the finish, which is the second key aspect of 03. As you go through the checkpoint, make sure you’re travelling from the left to the right. If you take the correct line, you won’t get any airtime whatsoever, saving you a lot of time. After that, simply drive up to either of the available finish lines.

Aim to pass thorugh this checkpoint on the right
Aim to pass thorugh this checkpoint on the right. Photo credit: Ubisoft Nadeo

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