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What Vehicles Could Be Coming To in 2024?

What does 2024 hold for the renowned driving and crashing simulator? From Racing cars to SMART Cars, here’s what we think could come to BeamNG in 2024.

2023 is coming to an end, but what a year has had. From multiple months at the top end of the Steam charts to huge free content drops. BeamNG was one of 2023’s standout racing and driving titles.

Civetta Bolide Race Car, East Coast USA

Race Cars

Formula One

Formula One is the most successful and followed discipline of motorsport in the entire world. So why not add some of the modern class cars into BeamNG? The downforce physics required to make a car such as a Formula car are already in the game. The serious lack of any base content race cars would be nicely addressed by the addition of Formula One-style vehicles.

Ferrari F1 Car Created In Automation. Image Credit: D D

The tyre model in BeamNG has always been a sticking point for players. Whether it be trucking across the West Coast USA or fighting for position on Hirochi Raceway. Every player currently suffers. With the addition of a Formula One-style car, the tyres would have to be changed to accommodate specifically designed slick tyres.


2024 is set to welcome a golden age of sports car racing across the IMSA and WEC series. BeamNG has mods available for a surprising amount of the race tracks that these series race at. Having a top-class LMDh-inspired car could be the turning point for racing and endurance racing in BeamNG.

Not only does top-class endurance racing have a lot to offer BeamNG, but BeamNG has a lot to offer Endurance racing. The reach of the LMDh-inspired content could be huge, even without officially licensed content, which will never be seen within the title.

With the release of Le Mans Ultimate due in 2024, sports car racing is a hot topic. BeamNG would do well to cash in on the hype while serving their loyal fanbase with something exciting and new.


Oval racing and NASCAR-inspired stockcars would be the perfect fit for BeamNG. Whether you like it or not, some of the most popular moments in oval racing are the crashes and the wrecks. A speciality within BeamNG.

NASCAR and NASCAR-Trucks-inspired vehicles would open up a world of opportunity for classic recreations of some of the biggest wrecks in history. Having a Modern and classic variety could do unbelievably well, especially with a large portion of BeamNG’s player base being from the USA.

There is already a fantastic mod for sixth-gen NASCARs, but nothing comes close to the quality that the developers can produce. With a properly balanced NASCAR model, racing in BeamNG could take a tremendous step forward in 2024.

Which racing cars do we already have?

Touring cars and TCR-style racing are the main body of base game racing content. The other section, rightfully so, belongs to rally cars. The inclusion of modern TCR and 90s super touring style cars have kept fans of those series happy. But when you consider that a lot of that content is years and years old, it’s not good enough for the majority.



Supercars are inherently fast, good looking and hard to watch be crashed into a wall, making them a fantastic fit for BeamNG. Whilst the Civetta Scintilla is available in the base game, it’s mid-engined. The Scintilla needs front-engined competition. A car like the Lexus LFA or arguably the most beautiful Ferrari ever created, the Ferrari 500 superfast.

Whether it be modern or classic, BeamNG needs another supercar that is significantly different to the Civetta Scintilla. A screaming V10 from an LFA-inspired car could be the answer. The vintage option of the Ferrari 500 superfast would also be a welcomed addition, bringing an entirely new class of cars to the title.

Lexus LFA Poor Quality Mod. Image Credit: Alex Djuzhen

Illegal Mods

One issue BeamNG has always suffered from is the constant flow of illegally ported cars. Whilst unsupported, many websites offer Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini and many other models from other games. Adding a competing supercar to the base game that vastly outperforms the poor quality and illegal mods to run alongside the Scintilla would certainly help extinguish BeamNG’s tic-like issue of illegally ported cars from other game titles.

Regular cars

Ugly, But Great Fun To Crash.

Despite having the majority of the base game generated around normal cars, there are still loads of additions we’d love to see added to BeamNG in 2024. A take on what most people consider the ugliest car ever to be produced, the Fiat Multipla, would be a perfect starting point.

There’s nothing more players want to do than destroy cars, giving them the ugly ducking of the car world would be a match made in heaven. With an endless amount of customization options and some crazy configurations to go with the car, you have a perfect platform for players to get hours of entertainment from, simply because of how objectively ugly the car is.

Image Credit: ModLand


BeamNG has two smaller vehicles that would already fit into the microcar category. The fan-favourite Ibishu Pigeon and the Ibishi Wigeon. But which car would make the perfect trio? A vehicle inspired by the SMART car of course. Not only would the addition of such a car give players the perfect city car, outside of the Ibishu Covet, but it also expands one of the most used car classes in BeamNG.

Trucks And Trailers

European Cab-over Truck

With the 0.31 update, landing on the 20th of December 2023, came a remastered T-series semi-truck, the classic American highway mile muncher. But where is the Euro equivalent? Lorries used throughout Europe are drastically underrepresented in BeamNG. The most likely way to see euro trucks in BeamNG would be for them to be added in as configurations for the T-Series.

Semi Euro Truck Mod. Image Credit: Synsol

The problem with configurations would, of course, be that they would be under the Gavril brand name. Euro trucks couldn’t be further from American-style trucks. Another update with a brand-new truck is more than likely going to be at the end of 2024 if at all. There is a fantastic mod, available here, for European trucks. But modded content will never be able to compare to Developer content.

Car Transporter Trailer

To match the European trucking phenomenon would be a car transporter trailer. It’s an addition that many players have been calling for for years. With the level of freedom provided through the 0.31 update, the changes and additions for truck drivers within BeamNG, a car transporter is the perfect next addition. Mid to late 2024 is when the car transporter could be expected if planned at all.

What do you want to see added to throughout 2024? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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