EA Sports WRC Preview Modes & Features
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EA Sports WRC Preview Shows Game Modes, Rally School


A week after the first deep dive, the second EA Sports WRC Preview is out. Highlighting the game’s game modes, it offers further insight into the title due for release on November 3rd.

While the first deep dive was mostly focused on EA Sports WRC’s content, the second video goes into detail regarding game modes. Additionally, fans can gather more impressions of the included cars and locations.

Just like last week, our own rally specialist Michel has analyzed the preview as well. Check out his video to hear his thoughts on what is coming up in EA Sports WRC!

EA Sports WRC Preview: Career Mode

Of course, the heart of the new WRC title is going to be the Career Mode. Here, players can build up their own team in any of the three current-day competitions on the WRC ladder. Want to start in the big leagues immediately? Hop right into a Rally1 car and conquer the dirt. Feel like starting in WRC2 or Junior WRC? No problem, either – it is entirely up to the player.

As already announced, Career Mode is also going to feature Builder Cars, allowing players to customize their very own rally vehicle. The preview showed more customization details, including various options for the front and rear body. Additionally, interior customization looks to be quite detailed – a very nice touch. The same goes for parts like wing mirrors, roof scoops and even safety pins on the car’s hood.

Customization for Builder Cars in EA Sports WRC looks to be rather in-depth. Image credit: EA Sports

Meanwhile, different performance parts offer different advantages in quality and how they influence the car. For freshly-created, cash-strapped outfits, used parts are an option as well. However, those might have to be treated with more caution to avoid them breaking.


With a vast library of iconic moments from WRC history, scenarios in Moments are going to be another key game mode. Inspired by real-life events from the recent and more distand past, players can look to recreate or change history.

While this should give players a better understanding of the history of the sport, the present will not be any less important. Similarly to the scenarios in F1 23, new Moments are going to be added throughout the year. This means players can look forward to fresh challenges regularly.

Championship & Quick Play Modes

Players are not locked into Career Mode or Moments, of course. Should they prefer to compete without the team management aspect, Championship Mode lets them race in a series while solely concentrating on the driving aspect.

Similarly, Quick Play allows players to create their own series of stages and events, so it essentially serves as a custom championship tool as well. After the inexplicable absence of this possibility for the last few years in Kylotonn’s WRC games, this is a much-needed return of a mode.

Furthermore, custom events are also possible in Quick Play Multiplayer mode. This features up to 32 players and includes crossplay. To dive even further into the online side of things, Clubs allow players to create championships that can even span multiple months to race with their friends.

Additionally, the official WRC Esports Competitions are also going to be a part of EA Sports WRC in 2024. More info on this will follow.

Rally School will help sharpen the skills of new players. Image credit: EA Sports

EA Sports WRC Preview: Rally School & Regularity Rally

For those who want to learn the ins and outs of rallying or are new to the discipline, a Rally School is going to be on board of EA Sports WRC. Players can hone their skills in multiple lessons focused on a number of skills. They can tackle the lessons on any surface type, allowing racers to prepare for any condition they might face on a stage.

Speaking of stages, the brand new Regularity Rally mode is a good way to get to know them. A staple in regional and classic rallying, this discipline significantly differs from the usual style of racing. Instead of going from A to B in as little time as possible, the aim is to hit a target time as closely as possible. Going over or under this time means collecting penalties, so the best way to the top is not always the fastest.

Of course, Time Trial mode is also on board. Players can compete with racers from around the world to try and set the best time on any stage in the game.

EA Sports WRC appears to not be short on things to do eithe online or offline. Image credit: EA Sports WRC

Rally Pass

Many players were curious about the comparatively low price of EA Sports WRC, which is going to retail for 49,99€ (44,99€ for pre-orders). Would this mean merciless monetization of every aspect of the game?

Thus far, the answer seems to be “no”. There will be a Rally Pass that can be upgraded to a VIP Pass. This only grants access to customization items, so players without it would not be at a disadvantage. Whether or not there is more to it remains to be seen, though.

VR & Triple Support

Hardly any upcoming racing simulation can avoid “no VR, no buy” comments. While VR will not be on board at launch, EA Sports WRC will add support in 2024, using OpenVR. Meanwhile, playing on triple screens will be possible as well. And for those who are looking for performance gains, the addition of Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR should be welcome news.

EA Sports WRC Preview will release on November 3rd. The title is going to be available on PC via Steam and Epic, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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