All The Best Hardware from the SimRacing Expo

All The Best Hardware from the SimRacing Expo

If you’re interested in what the likes of Fanatec and Heusinkveld had to offer at the ADAC SimRacing Expo, then we’ve got the video for you!

Photo credit: ChampionJoe

When we got to attend the 2021 ADAC SimRacing Expo, one of the things we were most interested in was all the hardware that was on show. There were plenty of new and exciting wheelbases and pedal sets to take for a test run, so that’s exactly what we did. Take a look at our video to see everything we tried out, and which pieces of kit we think are worth a closer look!

Direct Drive, Active Braking and More

First stop on our hardware tour was the Fanatec booth. Here we got to try the new CSL DD wheelbase with it’s optional 8nm add-on, and we were blown away by it! The quality of this wheelbase is enough for it to compete with some of the very best wheels on the market! As for Fanatec’s new CSL Elite pedals, we weren’t quite so impressed. We also got to try an early build of the Bentley GT3 wheel, which seemed alright apart from a couple noticeable flaws.

Next up was Heusinkveld, whose Ultimate+ pedals were one of the highlights of the whole show! They had the correct balance of resistance, firm without becoming overly stiff. Alongside the Ultimate+ pedals there were also the cheaper alternative in the form of the Sprint pedals. We asked Heusinkveld co-owner Svend van der Vlugt to walk us through exactly what the differences are.

After these two big name brands, we got to look at a couple of others. Venym, a new company which is backed by current IndyCar and former F1 driver Romain Grosjean, had some interesting high-end pedals on show. Another company making waves in the world of pedal sets is D-BOX, whose Vice President Yannick Gemme was kind enough to explain their new active braking technology for us. To find out about this and all of the rest of the cool hardware we came across, take a look at our YouTube video now!

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