Essential for sim racing immersion? ButtKicker Gamer PLUS review

ButtKicker Gamer PLUS: Immersive or Annoying?

Motion rigs are too expensive? Of course they are. So what’s the next best thing? Why it’s getting your butt kicked thanks to the ButtKicker Gamer Plus.

Image credit: ButtKicker

Our ChampionJoe was lucky enough to recently get his hands on the new ButtKicker Gamer PLUS, a device that can be attached to a chair and linked to a PC or console to create the feeling of a vibration through the seat. It is therefore a more affordable alternative to getting a full motion rig. The ButtKicker Gamer PLUS reacts to ingame sound and also telemetry from the game itself to vibrate on the back of the seat. So what did ChampionJoe think of it? You can watch our review video to find out:

Why would you need it?

The ButtKicker aims to provide more feedback to the player and be able to make inputs based on that. ChampionJoe could feel it when revving the car, under certain lateral forces, when feeling the bumps on the road and even when braking.

When it comes to immersive sim racing, of course the priority is to get a great wheel and set of pedals as well as an actual rig. But one notable exception when it comes to trying to get sim racing as close to reality as possible is the lack of the “seat of the pants feel”.

Real world drivers will often credit the feel of the car beneath them moving as a reference to know what to do long before the visuals or the steering. This is why many real world drivers often aren’t guaranteed to translate their pace in a real car to the sim.

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