The best controllers for virtual racing

The best controllers for virtual racing

This one is for pad-racers: Here are our top three controllers for virtual racing!

Photo credit: Sony / Razer / Microsoft

Sim racing setups can take all kinds of shapes and sizes depending on the racer’s preferred equipment. While high-end sim rigs occupy one end of the spectrum, more modest drivers can make do with a monitor and controller as they come. But even for pad-users, there are countless different products to choose from – which is why we took a closer look at three promising models in our latest hardware review.

Sony, Microsoft or the underdog?

The Xbox Elite Controller was the first model to catch our eye. With at least a thousand customization options and additional paddle slots underneath it, this pad looks to be made for the virtual racing track. An update after its initial release also dampened the force feedback racers receive from the controller to make it well-balanced and accurate.

When it comes to the PlayStation, the Sony DualSense Controller is Sony’s flagship in terms of controllers. This one’s haptic triggers feature adaptive resistance depending on their function in the game. Additionally, the entire gamepad has an accurate rumbling feature similar to the Xbox controller.

Sony gets the point in terms of price, as their pad comes at only $65, whereas Microsoft charges around $160. To be fair, Microsoft’s countless customization options seem to justify the higher price tag for the most part. On Sony’s side, we also missed an additional USB cable for the DualSense, which was necessary to connect the pad to the PC.

Players who can’t decide on one of the two tech giants’ options might find what they need in the Razer Wolverine V2. For PC gamers, this model is a great compromise between the other two candidates, as it comes for roughly $120 and includes a variety of the features the other options offer as well. Besides triggers with an extremely satisfying mouse-click pressure point, the Wolverine V2 also provides two extra buttons on its backside that can be mapped in the Xbox setup menu. Completed through the built-in cable, we came to miss in the DualSense, Razer’s edition struck us as a great alternative to Sony’s and Microsoft’s flagships.

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