G923: How good is Logitech's new sim racing wheel

Logitech G923 Review: How good is it?

Dave Gaming tests the brand-new Logitech G923. Can it trump its legendary predecessor?

The G29 is one of the most popular steering wheels on the market. Many sim racing rookies use the wheel as an entry into more serious racing and even advanced players appreciate its quality. Can the G923 build on the success of its predecessor? In our hardware review, YouTuber and sim racing expert Dave Gaming puts the new Logitech wheel to the test!

Expanding on old virtues

Although the G923 looks very similar to the G29, it comes with a bunch of new features. After all, five years have passed since Logitech released the G29, so there was a lot of time to implement feedback and improve on the successful build from 2015. The G923 comes in two different editions which mimic the Xbox and PlayStation respectively, both of which are compatible with PC as well. Currently, it costs around €400 so it can’t be considered a low-budget solution anymore.

Both versions include a 24-point selection dial which lets you adjust traction, engine settings and brake force. The wheel combines its elements of aluminum, leather and steel, and offers good grip while driving. Just like its predecessor, it comes with its own set of pedals. Whereas the G29’s pedals were not exactly perfect – the brake was somewhat clunky – the new model has improved in this area. Both pedals feel far smoother and more accurate.


The TRUEFORCE feature is a new high-definition force feedback system which dials directly into a game’s physics and audio engine. Although trying this feature out for the first time can be rather disappointing, it comes with a lot of options for customization. The settings are extremely detailed and can be styled according to your needs. If customized correctly, they emulate the feeling of a real racing car quite well.

If you want to know everything about the new G923 check out our Hardware Review with Dave Gaming above!

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