Is this the most realistic cockpit on the market

Is this the most realistic cockpit on the market?

Watch as Ermin Hamidovic checks out the brand new top-tier cockpit from Next Level Racing: the F-GT Elite.

Over the last ten years, cockpit manufacturer Next Level Racing has been making significant waves in the sim racing scene. With their new flagship cockpit, the F-GT Elite, the Australian-based company is taking the step into the upper echelons of consumer sim racing. But there has always been a discussion within the scene regarding the price to performance ratio of Next Level Racing’s products. So, in this Hardware Review, our host Ermin Hamidovic carefully examines the new premium product.

A Strong Start

First, Ermin takes you through the construction process, which took him around 2 nights of building. While putting everything together, you will already get an idea of all of the adjustment options and individual settings the hardware facilitates.

Then it is time to test the racing experience. For this, Ermin takes his Porsche Cup Car around Oulton Park in Assetto Corsa Competizione. An initial surprise for Ermin is that although the material does flex a little while driving, he doesn’t feel it at all, making the overall driving experience very realistic. “If I closed my eyes and I used this and you told me I was driving a real car, I would believe it”, he says on his first laps.

To see whether or not Ermin’s positive opinion about the Next Level Racing F-GT Elite cockpit remains, check out the full video linked above!

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