VR racing for cheap? Windows Mixed Reality review

VR racing for cheap? Windows Mixed Reality review

What if we told you that you can play VR racing games for under €200? Get ready for your next potential entry level VR headset.

Photo credit: OverTake

Racing games and simulations are great – only real racing is more exciting! Virtual reality makes the gaming experience far more immersive and realistic, but the upgrade is not cheap. Regular VR headsets can cost over €1000, which is a huge investment.

Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) is a cheaper alternative, but does the lower price also sacrifice the fun and quality? We took a look at some WMR headset and showcased the pros and cons in our video below.

Cheap price means cheap quality? Not necessarily!

The name WMR implies that these headsets mix the virtual and the real world. However, they are just normal VR headsets.

WMR headsets are compatible with Steam and therefore can run almost any game. The motion control and tracking is one of the most criticized points of the WMR. Luckily, this does not matter for racing fans as we use different hardware for that anyway.

Another negative point is the inferior build quality. This means the LCD-display isn’t the best and some parts might break easily. It also features a small sweet spot, meaning the edges of your vision are blurry and only a small area is sharp.

But the main selling point is the affordability. You might not want to invest €1000 immediately, but simply test whether VR runs on your PC or if you even enjoy it. Your best option is to search for a second-hand model, such as the Lenovo Explorer, Acer AH102 or Dell Visor as these can be purchased for under €200.

All in all, WMR are great entry level headsets to explore the VR realm. WMR also provides a top-quality headset, the HP Reverb G2, for those who want to further upgrade the immersion. This features the highest resolution per eye that is currently available, but is more expensive at €700.

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