SSRS 2021 AM/LADIES: Round 3 AM/LADIES - Monza GP

The third race of the Swiss Simracing Series 2021 will be held at Monza on 30 October. It will be the last race on the calendar featuring the regular points system. This means that the championship will be still open for the Grand Final in Zurich!

For more info head to our dedicated Swiss Simracing Series 2021 coverage page!


The Swiss Simracing Series will run over two months.

  • Round 1: Barcelona GP, October 2 2021 , 10 AM CEST
  • Round 2: Silverstone GP, October 16, 10 AM CEST
  • Round 3: Monza GP, October 30, 10 AM CEST
  • Round 4: Spa-Franchorchamps GP, November 20, 10 AM CET



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