BMW 120 Cup: Grand Final

The winners from the previous round of the BMW SIM 120 Cup 2020 competed against each other the BMW SIM Live event held in Munich. The Silverstone circuit hosted the event, where drivers battled for a $12,000 top prize.

The drivers included:

Joshua K Rogers (Coanda Simsport)
Max Benecke (Team Redline)
Sebastian Job (Red Bull Racing Esports Team)
Graham Carroll (Red Bull Racing Esports Team)
Tuomas Tähtelä (Kova 1)
Mitchell deJong (Coanda Simsport)
Laurin Heinrich (BS+COMPETITION)
Alexander Voss (BS+COMPETITION)
Valtteri Alander (Kova 1)
Sami-Matti Trogen (Williams Esports)


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