1997’s Rally Cross Set For PS4 and PS5 Rerelease OT
Image: Taken in-game by OverTake

1997’s Rally Cross Set For PS4 and PS5 Re-release 

The Sony exclusive was created for the original PlayStation and will now be available for current consoles and PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers. 

The plundering of the original PlayStation’s catalogue continues for the ‘PlayStation Classics’ range as Rally Cross will become available for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on 16th January 2024. 

The ‘90s driving title was developed by Sony Interactive Studios America as a rival to Sega Rally Championship, and while the latter is beloved, perhaps the former is often forgotten. 

Rally Cross PS1 on PS4 and PS5
Rally Cross. Image: OverTake

In the game, you can drive unlicenced rally cars across a mixture of surfaces and around undulating circuits. The handling model is pre-analog sticks, so the Audi and Mitsubishi-inspired cars do tend to meander across the course. 

There’s also a primitive damage model should you mess up (and you will), with the ability to ‘rock’ a car back onto its wheel with the shoulder buttons upon rolling. 

The venues – spread across six distinct environments – sometimes have multiple routes and there are also ‘head on’ and ‘suicide’ modes where you drive in the opposite direction to your rivals. This sits alongside single-race and season options. 

Rally Cross PS4 and PS5 PlayStation Plus
Rally Cross. Image: OverTake

Up to four players can compete in split-screen too. This marks the game’s second digital re-release, as it was previously available for the PlayStation 3 too. A sequel was released in 1998 but has yet to be repurposed. 

Following the likes of Twisted Metal and R4: Ridge Racer Type 4, the 1997 driving game for the original PlayStation will be added to the collection of those who subscribe to PlayStation Plus Premium for no additional charge. Alternatively, it will be available to purchase for £7.99/€9.99/$9.99. 

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