$20,000: GT Sport and Michelin hold charity event

$20,000: GT Sport and Michelin hold charity event

Influencers of all creeds race to win $20,000 for charity in GT Sport.

Photo credit: GT Sport

Gran Turismo Sport has partnered with tire manufacturer Michelin to put on a series of exhibition races featuring several famous names. The sixteen drivers, who will compete for a charity of their choice, come from a wide range of careers and backgrounds. The $20,000 charity prize fund makes up the potential reward for the selected charities, should their representative take the win.

Sportspeople such as ex-MMA fighter and UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez will find themselves up against influencers, actors, YouTubers and more. Jordan Maron, better known on YouTube as CaptainSparklez, is another major figure who is getting involved for a good cause. He is not the only major YouTuber taking part, however. Mari Takahashi, a professional dancer turned YouTube star and Twitch streamer, has been raising awareness for the event on Twitter.

The event itself will involve a series of races on GT Sport in which the celebrities will battle it out for their chosen charities. Three participants will race on behalf of the Special Olympics, while others will aim to secure donations for an array of charities including Reach Out Worldwide, the American Cancer Society, and Yellowstone Forever.

You can take part!

Another interesting aspect to this event is the involvement of audience participation. Viewers can vote ahead of time for their favorite driver-charity combination. The participant who receives the most votes will be given a softer set of tires to use in the first round of the competition, giving them the edge over their opponents.

Details regarding how many races there will be or which cars the drivers will be racing are yet to be divulged. What we do know is that you can catch the race live on Michelinโ€™s website from 8 PM EST on November 18 (2 AM CET on November 19).

This is not the first charity event to be held on GT Sport this year. On May 4, professional drivers such as Alex Brundle and Oliver Webb took part in the St. Catherineโ€™s Grove Cup. The live-streamed event raised money in aid of St. Catherineโ€™s School, which works with young people with learning difficulties in the Isle of Wight.

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