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With just one week separating the Mexican Grand Prix and this week's Brazilian Grand Prix, here is everything you need to look out for this weekend.

Home Race Horror Show

Just one week ago, the whole country of Mexico eagerly awaited the start of the Mexican Grand Prix weekend. Hopes were high for the homegrown talent, Sergio Perez. Like his 2023 season, however, it all went wrong very quickly. Mexico was what many considered, his final opportunity. Red Bull has a history of dismissing drivers with and without justified reasoning. Consequently, this paints a big red target on the 33-year-old's back. This weekend at Interlagos is critical for his future in the sport.

Max Verstappen has finished ahead of Perez by over 15 seconds at 9 of the last 12 races they’ve both finished. That statistic alone shows the class of his own that Verstappen has graduated into over the past year. Perez is not a slow driver, nor inexperienced. The task of playing second driver to a competitor like Max Verstappen has broken every teammate the Dutchman has had since joining Formula One in 2015.

Everyone Loves Brazil

So why is the Brazilian Grand Prix one of the most anticipated races on the calendar? The infamous 2008 showdown that cost Felipe Massa his first chance at a world title is by far the most famous. In 2012, championship leader Sebastien Vettel was taken out and had to come back through the pack to win and claim his third driver's world championship. 2021 saw Lewis Hamilton come from the very rear of the field to win in a dominant showing of what the W12 was capable of.

The Brazilian Grand Prix is held in high esteem with a lot of Formula One fans. Brazil has this magic that Formula One capitalises on. The layout is iconic with the same venue being used as far back as 1972. George Russell was last year's winner, who do you think will take the top spot this year? Let us know in the poll above!

How To Watch The Brazilian Grand Prix​

For the final time in 2023, it's a sprint race weekend. Keeping on top of when the sessions are being broadcast in your specific area code is, of course, crucial. Here are all the session times that you will need over the weekend.

Friday Friday
Free Practice15:30 CET
Qualifying19:00 CET
Saturday Saturday
Sprint Shootout15:00 CET
Sprint Race19:30 CET
Brazilian Grand Prix18:00 CET

Who have you been rooting for this season? Is Perez's time at Red Bull coming to a close? Let us know in the comments below.
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Brazil is always good.

Maybe some rain or even thunderstorms on Friday qualy.

LH always goes rapid here and Max is no slouch here either.

Is Checo going to implode further?
This was one of RBR's weakest links last year, but seemed related to missing on the tyre temp and wear windows beforehand, leaving them on the backfoot at a weekend with Sprint format. Not counting on it happening again this time.
Difficult session to value, with some drivers only using hard tyres, others not completing their flying laps etc xD.. anyway it's qualifying session in a couple hours already xD
What a session, so close in q1 and q2 (the entire grid in a few tenths, unbelievable), then so weird in q3, no grip, a lot of mistakes, max's great job to grab the pole which was not easy today in "normal" conditions, great session.
What makes my brain hurt is the minimum lap delta, being called max delta by the commentators.

Interrupting the Max cool down podcast with Charles, for the interview :cautious:

How well will Alonso hold on to P4?
Who or what will Stroll crash in to?
Last edited:
What makes my brain hurt is the minimum lap delta, being called max delta by the commentators.

Interrupting the Max cool down podcast with Charles, for the interview :cautious:

How well will Alonso hold on to P4?
Who or what will Stroll crash in to?
I was busy at the end of qualifying so missed the interviews, but really the 'interview' is for the most part corporate nonsense anyway, I'd much rather hear what the drivers talk about between themselves (cooldown room needs better microphones too.... perhaps a mini mic in the hats)
And on the open truck/bus with the drivers aboard, I like to see what drivers are chatting together.
Yet again a really great race, congrats to max for grabbing the lead immediately (but lando wasn't aggressive enough i think), and the pace of these two guys was uncatchable, behind them tons of fights, overtakes, action etc, interlagos always offers great racing!

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