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3 Under the Radar Changes Coming in F1 23

F1 23

It’s F1 23 launch week! But before getting your hands on the game, there are plenty of features that many players may not be aware of.

F1 23 is releasing 13 June for those who pre-ordered the Champions Edition, and on 16 June for everyone else. The game is releasing for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and for PC via the EA App Epic Games Store and Steam.

There are plenty of headline features in this year’s title. Such examples include a follow up to the Braking Point storymode from F1 2021, the return of red flags, an overhauled online mode and updates to the handling model.

But even with the game launch just days away, there are still many features that the majority of players still don’t know. Here are some under the radar details about F1 23 that everyone should know.

Circuit Updates

In past instalments of the F1 games, Codemasters have often been late in making updates to real-world circuit alterations. For the 2021 season, the Spanish GP circuit had reconfigured the Turn 10-11 complex. Despite launching a few months prior to F1 2021, MotoGP 21 had the change, whereas the F1 game didn’t.

For 2023, the track has undergone another transformation. The infamous chicane before the end of the lap has been reverted to the fast sweeping corners that were used up until 2007. F1 23 players will be happy to know that Codemasters have caught up and have already made the change.

Additionally, the Red Bull Ring sees some aesthetic changes with the addition of two chicanes before Turn 2. These were brought in for motorcycle racing, but not for F1 and don’t fundamentally change the track for F1 23.

There will also be some minor amendments to Jeddah, Zandvoort and Baku when the game launches. Interestingly, the changes made to the Singapore GP circuit layout seem to only be coming post-launch. The circuit’s Turns 16-19 complex – which sees the F1 cars go underneath the grandstand – will be completely bypassed.

Typically when an F1 game released with an old configuration, it was never updated. Instead, Codemasters just waited for the new game to release. The developers have said to check their social channels for when players can expect this change.

Podium Pass Changes

Introduced in F1 2020, the Podium Pass has served as the F1 games’ equivalent of the Battle Pass. Prior to F1 22, it was made up of liveries, helmets and later on, podium emotes and victory radio celebrations. Then when F1 Life was introduced in last year’s title, that expanded to furniture for the hub and plain clothes for your character to wear.

For F1 23 though, the addition of F1 World has changed the Podium Pass. F1 World has been likened to FIFA‘s Ultimate Team mode. It facilitates online racing, but with upgrades and team staff that can change the performance statistics of your car. Codemasters stated that the upgrades would not be purchasable, so as to prevent it being pay-to-win.

They also stated that F1 World upgrades would be unlockable by levelling up in the Podium Pass, but there was an issue with that. In past F1 games, it was possible to spend in-game PitCoin (that are acquired with real world money) to unlock the Podium Pass tier you wanted.

Instead, there will now be purchasable XP boosts to help the player level up. Along with that, there will be an increase to levels in the Podium Pass from 30 to 50, with the Series 1 having a unique team principal that can be applied to the F1 World car, AlphaTauri’s Franz Tost.

More Setup Options

There have been changes made to the car setup, with an increase in options to tweak the car for a particular track. This is to coincide with the improvements to the handling model. There have been adjustments to the Suspension (can now be set between 1 to 41), Anti-Roll Bars (1 to 21) and Ride Height (30 to 50) settings. Several other setting scales have been altered as well.

When F1 23 launches, we will be releasing guides on how to set up your car with all the new options. In the meantime, read up more on the handling model changes as well as what to expect from Braking Point 2 and F1 World.

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