Team BRIT – Fighter for inclusivity

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Team BRIT only consists of drivers with disabilities. On real-world tracks as well as in sim rigs. Its goal: Pave the way for inclusion in the big competitions.
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Team BRIT was founded by CEO Dave Player, who started a karting team in 2010 for injured troops returning from Afghanistan. During his work with "KartForce", he realized that some of them were pretty good. The idea to start a bigger racing team for disabled drivers was born.

Dave founded Team BRIT in 2015 to give his KartForce drivers the opportunity to take on able-bodied drivers in competitive racing. Since 2019, the team has its own esports division called eTeam BRIT. Take a closer look at the team's efforts to thrive for equal competition in our video below.

eTeam BRIT – A little sibling with huge potential

eTeam BRIT directly benefits from all progress the racing team makes. They constantly work on new control solutions to offer every new driver ideal control over their car. The same technology can be adjusted and used in the sim rigs. eTeam BRIT is primarily competing in iRacing at the moment, but has already made steps into the world of Assetto Corsa Competizione.

The majority of events the team enters are endurance races, due to the focus on team effort. eTeam BRIT has also started its own leagues like eTeam BRIT Summer Series and its drivers take on individual challenges, too. In the long term, dedicated esports sections for different sim racing platforms are planned.

Man sim racing with a supervisor working on handcontrols.Controls are developed in close cooperation with every member of Team BRIT. Photo credit: Team BRIT

Taking fear first – taking chances afterwards

All members of Team BRIT know: The biggest step to drive inclusion is to enhance visibility, to give positive examples. Show that success is possible for disabled athletes. By founding eTeam BRIT, the racing organization has made another step towards providing easier access into the world of racing for interested disabled racers, who would otherwise be too scared to try.

eTeam BRIT not only has the purpose of training successful sim racers. It is also the long-term goal to maybe find one or another candidate who can take the step from the sim rig into a real race car. Nonetheless, the overall claim stays the same: Giving disabled people the chance to compete with able-bodied opponents in the same competition and integrate them naturally into big events someday.

Team BRIT mechanic in the box with race car.The ultimate goal is to create sim racers and then get them on real tracks. Photo credit: Team BRIT

Anyone who is interested can reach out to eTeam BRIT via the team's website, socials or Discord channel. Everyone working there is always eager to meet new, determined members and find new solutions for every kind of disability.

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