The perfect setup for every car in Automobilista 2

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This simple trick helps you stay on top of the ongoing gameplay changes in Automobilista 2.
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Automobilista 2 succeeded the first game of the franchise back in early 2020. Ever since, Reiza Studios has not ceased to give their newest simulation all the love they can: With updates and patches every few weeks, the in-game environment is constantly shifting and aspiring to become as realistic as possible. While the game's quality clearly benefits from its developer's steady effort, these changes might be overshooting their goal. Especially for new players, it can be very tough to approach the ever-changing racing game. But fear not: We have a simple trick to steady you on your way to success in Automobilista 2.

Work smarter, not harder

The best way to get into a new racing game is usually a minimalistic one: It's best to get used to one car at first and then slowly move on to other models. However, this might not work in Automobilista 2. Due to the game's rapid update cycle, one and the same car might feel entirely different on the track over the span of just a few weeks. As the patches render manually created in-game settings practically useless, players have to find a way around constantly adjusting theirs. Fortunately, there is a simple trick that allows them to seek help from other sim racers for this.

To apply our method, first switch to Time Trial mode in the main menu and add a ghost with a record-breaking lap time. Confirm and click on the ghost's wrench icon in the middle of the screen to have a look at the setup the other player used. You can now easily save those settings to your own game and are ready to go. However, bear in mind that the other player's setup is created for top performance, meaning that it might be very hard to drive for beginners. On the other hand, it's just the right way to go if you want a challenge right from the start.

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