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Pacific Coast Highway is one of the beautiful mods for Assetto Corsa out there. Watch Ermin putting this beautiful, yet challenging track to the test!
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Imagine driving a track that was as long as the Nordschleife, but that threatened precipitous drops at nearly every turn. A track which offers incredible scenery and a sea view, but which forces you to keep your eyes on the road at all times due to a plethora of tight, twisty corners. A track which not only has all this, but also features a fair few other cars simply going about their daily business. You need imagine no more, the track is real. It’s name is the Pacific Coast Highway.

Stunning Scenes and Scintilating Speeds

Located around three hundred miles to the north of Los Angeles in the USA, this stretch of public highway has been singled out for its greatness by an individual by the name of Phoenix77 and turned into a mod for Assetto Corsa. Version 1.0 of the mod has just been released, and as such we thought we would put our new friend Ermin Hamidovic up to the task of giving it a test run. To do so, he needed to choose a nice, realistic car so as to ensure that his experience lines up with that of the everyday consumer.

So, as we were saying, Ermin hopped into the McLaren P1 Hypercar and set off into the glorious sunset to give the road a whirl. There were a few close calls at the start of what was intended to be an atmospheric ride, as Ermin navigated his way through the traffic. Thankfully, the MGU-K and DRS systems available on the McLaren P1 made the whole process a little easier than it would have been otherwise.

To find out what the whole drive was like, as well as to see the gorgeous mod in action, take a look at the video above now!

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