5.5-Liter V8 Power is Coming: iRacing Confirms Cadillac V-Series.R

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iRacing's prototype grids are set to becme a whole lot louder: The BMW M Hybrid V8 has been the only representative of the new prototype breed in the sim since its release in late 2022, but for Season 3 coming on June 6th, it is going to be joined by the Cadillac V-Series.R - including its glorious eight-cylinder roar.

It was a bit of an open secret that the Cadillac, which is raced in IMSA's GTP and WEC's LMDh classes, would be coming to iRacing, especially after Chip Ganassi driver Renger van der Zande mentioned the car being scanned for the service in an Instagram post. Adding fuel to the fire, iRacing released a teaser of a distinctive-sounding vehicle racing around Detroit Belle Isle in May, all but confirming the V-Series.R.

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Sim racers will be able to get behind the wheel of the Cadillac V-Series.R in Racing very soon. Image credit: iRacing

However, doubts may have set in after the Ligier JS P320 was announced - although the LMP3 car is considerably slower than the GTP/LMDh vehicles, it also features a loud V8 engine. Rumors that the Detroit teaser did not in fact show the Caddilac, but rather the smaller prototype, were shut down just a few days before the release of the 2023 Season 3 build: iRacing made the arrival of the Caddy official via its Twitter account.

Sporting a spec electric motor by Bosch, the Cadillac is a hybrid prototype just like the BMW, but it certainly does not sound like one: Whereas somewhat tamer engine notes are associated with hybrid racing cars, the V-Series.R makes no compromise on that regard, its V8 noise having made the car a fan favorite already.

The Cadillac joins the Ligier JS P320 as a new car for the 2023 Season 3 update, while Willow Springs and Motorland Aragón will expand iRacing's track selection. Reworked dirt physics will also be part of the update, and a possible expansion of the limit of different cars in a session could also make its debut. Currently, only eight different models can be used in sessions at the same time - which can limit some events like the Nürburgring 24 Hours that rely on several different classes in real life.

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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


I'm getting this one too. Thats two cars and two tracks I am getting in the new season which is one or two more than I would normally get as not all the content interests me. This is shaping up to be a good update. I wonder if they have another surprise - it would surprise me if they don't have something else they hold until the last moment.
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Looking forward to the June update, a lot of good content in store.
I may try some dirt ovals next season with the upcoming new dirt physics and tire model.

I'm hoping some more road car classes or the gt4's get a physics update to match the gt3 class from last season which I quite enjoyed.
just Aragon for me, will probably do 3 series next season in smaller single seaters, choosing two out of three possible track/car combos each week will get you max fun and max credit score.

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