Merry Christmas from OverTake - A Poem

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We here at OverTake would like to wish every esports racer a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays with our seasonal simracing poem. Enjoy!
Photo credit: 505Games

Do you hear it, Do you feel it,

The engines revving up again,

Oh the fun, it has begun,

The race to Christmas comes to its end.

Put me into pole position,

At the dinner table for nutrition,

Let me put a GT3,

Under all the Christmas trees.

Lets us do a winter race,

At Imola I've got the pace,

Then we go to Hockenheim,

To race with Santa if that’s fine.

The old man owns some crazy slides,

From formulas to prototypes,

A quick drift right here through the snow,

Burning rubber under mistletoe.

The Gingerbread to be adored,

Got made to be the metre boards,

Such a festive time to be on track,

And give your lap record a crack.

Right at the apex of the turn,

A snowman stands and looks concerned,

Yesterday he binned it bad,

Due to understeer his reindeer had.

But on this day nobody frowns,

Jingle Bells, transmission sounds,

So buckle up and bring to me,

A fastest lap right down my chimney.

We wish you plenty of racing space,

A direct drive wheel with a base,

A jolly time for all of you,

Wishes Overtake and the whole crew.

What did you think of our Christmas poem? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!
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