Don't miss these 6 esports racing events in 2021

Don’t miss these 6 esports racing events in 2021

2020 was a wild year in terms of virtual racing events – here’s what to expect for 2021.

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Many great in-person events in all sorts of disciplines fell victim to the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic this year. Esports racing was no exception to this, but fortunately, the scene got quite creative for substitute events fairly quickly. As online hosting of esports racing proved to be a good and feasible alternative, fans were still provided with numerous gripping races throughout the year. Even for 2021, a few upcoming events have been announced and have us looking forward to the next esports racing year – so here’s to sharing the excitement with you.

Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Super Cup

The first thing to look forward to in 2021 is the third edition of the PESC! On January 9, the 2020 Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup will be followed by next year’s iteration. The top 20 drivers from last season will meet again joined by 20 more racers who qualified by November 21 this year. All 40 drivers will compete for a total prize pool of $200,000, with the grand finale of the tournament taking place on April 24 at Monza, just as in the 2020 season. The exact schedule can be found in Porsche’s announcement. For further information be sure to follow Porsche Motorsports on Twitter.

F1 Esports 2021

Last year’s F1 Esports season came to a close in the Grand Finale on December 16-17 and Last year’s F1 Esports season came to a close in the Grand Finale on December 16-17 and crowned Jarno Opmeer its champion! While the event was still up and running, preparations for next year’s edition have already started: Two Qualification Events, one from October 1 and one from November 3, already determined who advances in the Challenger series running from December to March 2021. More information on this year’s tournament and standings will be given via the official F1 website and the F1 Twitter account.

Numerous BMW SIM Cups

After the success of the BMW SIM 120 Cup 2020, the car manufacturer announced that it will expand its sim racing involvement in 2021. Cooperations with esports giants like G2 Esports, Williams Esports and Team Redline will bring forth a lot more racing competitions than before. Racing games featured so far are rFactor 2iRacing and ACC. For more info on exact dates, don’t miss out on the BMW Esports Twitter account.

The Sim Racing Expo

For 2021, we are obviously hoping for an improved situation regarding the pandemic, as this would enable in-person events – like the beloved Sim Racing Expo! After 2020’s edition was meant to be held digitally at first, the event was canceled altogether in November. This was a tragic loss for the sim racing community, as ADAC’s expo is one of the biggest hardware exhibitions and meeting points of the scene. While there are no announcements yet and the development of the pandemic situation is hard to gauge, we are certainly hoping for the best – meaning, Sim Racing Expo 2021 to take place!

Le Mans Esports Series Super Finals

The is usually held in September, at the respective event of the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. While The Le Mans Esports Series Super Final 2020 is usually held in September, at the respective event of the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. While the latter is usually a real-life race, it was transferred into the virtual world this year due to the pandemic, making it the 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual 2020. Although it is yet unclear whether or not real-life racing events will be possible again this year, the Esports Series Super Finals can surely be held again in 2021. To stay updated on further announcements, be sure to check out the official Twitter channel of Le Mans Esports.

Sim Formula Europe 2021

The Sim Formula in rFactor 2 is an annual esports racing competition featuring some of the best racers in a quick and exciting series. The main event will take place again in January this year – as the qualifier has already taken place on December 14. The tournament has also featured a MOD competition for esports racing fans who don’t hit the track themselves. The racing series itself offers amazing prizes and great competition, so stay tuned for the action and keep checking out rFactor on Twitter for more information.

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