Albon and Leclerc fight for the title: Weekend Highlights

Albon and Leclerc fight for the title: Weekend Highlights

Charles Leclerc asserted his dominance again last weekend, winning both the Virtual GP and his charity event.

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The highlight of the weekend was undoubtedly the Formula 1 Virtual China Grand Prix. Charles Leclerc managed to win the race, securing his second title in a row after a neck-and-neck battle with Alexander Albon.

Leclerc also organized #RaceForTheWorld, a charity event with many notable F1 pilots attending. Not only did he beat Alexander Albon in this competition but also their brothers Luca Albon and Arthur Leclerc. At the end of the event, the racers raised more than $70,000 to fight against COVID-19.

Alexander Albon just can’t overcome Charles Leclerc

Eventough Alexander Albon is an experienced Formula 1 driver, trying to overtake Charles Leclerc put the 24-year-old seemed next to impossible. Multiple attempts to take first place failed and in the end he had to be satisfied finishing second.

Marcel Kiefer sends Lucas Blakeley into the wall

The race pretty much just began when Lucas Blakeley tried to pass Marcel Kiefer in round eight. But Kiefer put up a hard fight to secure his third place finish and sent Blakeley against the wall. After that incident Lucas Blakeley did not conclude the race.

Sim racer beats professional drivers: Erhan Jajovski wins the All-Star race

Last weekends “The Race All-Star Championship” once again delivered an awesome competition. This time, Erhan Jajovski, an experienced rFactor2 driver, won the race, placing in ahead of real-world racing stars like Mike Epps.

The World RX Esports Invitational was another exciting event with a blend of great real-world drivers and professional sim racers among the participants. The Rallycross event was played out online in DiRT Rally 2.0. Unlike in the All-Star event by “The Race”, the real-world driver Mattias Adielsson suceeded in an upset against his more experienced virtual counterparts. Adielsson emerged victorious, even placing ahead of sim racing RX world champion Killiam Dall’olmo from SET eSports.

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