Altus Esports drops five drivers at once

Altus Esports drops five drivers at once

Porsche Esports Supercup top ten driver Dayne Warren is among the racers to leave the team.

Photo credit: Altus Esports

Logitech G Altus Esports parts ways with five of its drivers. The organization released an official statement on the topic on June 24. Logitech G Altus Esports was formed in 2018 and focuses mainly on GT and dirt competitions in iRacing. One of the drivers to leave the team is Dayne Warren who currently places sixth in the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup.

Team manager Simon Feigl confirmed the departure of the five drivers on the team’s website. “These types of announcements are never easy,” the statement says. “We can advise that as of this evening, the following team members are no longer part of Altus Esports: Dayne Warren, Ethan Warren, Jackson Souslin Harlow, Alexander Lauritzen and Lasse Sorensen.”


All five are successful drivers in iRacing. The most notable man on the list of departures is Dayne Warren. Speaking about the decision to leave the team he told OverTake: “It was mainly the want to explore other potential options and opportunities and see where they can lead us into the future.”

According to the statement by team manager Feigl the decision has “reinforced through a number of team discussions these past few days on the importance of commitment to the team and mate ship.”

OverTake spoke to the team manager to get more insights into the situation. He explains that “only 2 of the drivers of the 5 left for the same reason, which was to pursue an opportunity they’ve been given that not only applies to those drivers from Altus, but drivers from other teams also yet to be announced.” Feigl also tells that there was “a variety of reasons” that led to the departure of the five. “In almost each individual the situation was unique, but rather the timing was coincidental.”

In the official statement on Altus Esports’ website, Feigl also states that the departure of the five brings the team back to where it began two years ago. “A small team committed to one another to achieve our goals together!” It is unclear whether Altus wants to replace all five vacancies. Nevertheless, the article says that a new team member is going to be revealed soon.

Simon Feigl also told OverTake how the situation will impact the team in his opinion: “Whilst there will be some short term pain on the track in a couple of categories, I actually feel this has taken us to a healthier position culturally than we were. With a solid mindset, commitment to your teammates, and to work as a unit to deliver success as we have usually done. And above all else, have fun doing so!”

Meanwhile, Dayne Warren puts his focus on the Porsche competition: “With or without a team, I’ll be pushing for results in the PESC for as long as I’m on the grid. Although obviously it would be ideal to be a part of a team that can hopefully help improve our results throughout the rest of the season.”

While the five free agents haven’t officially joined a new team yet, we won’t have to wait too long to hear where their journey is going as Dayne Warren confirms: “Some are going their own ways and some have already found a new home. I suppose we’ll find out soon enough!”

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