The latest update Automobilista 2 brings it to version 1.5 with new physics and content
Image credit: Reiza Studios

AMS 2 Update 1.5 Overhauls Physics, Adds Rallycross

Weeks of waiting, teasing and anticipation has led to today, the release of update 1.5 for Automobilista 2. Here is all you need to know about the update.

Several weeks ago, Reiza Studios launched version 1.4.8 for Automobilista 2 previewing a number of revolutionary physics tweaks. Available in a select number of classes, the developers promised the release of these changes to all cars for the following update – version 1.5. After weeks and weeks of waiting and hoping for this release, it is finally here.

It’s time to boot up your computer, open Steam and savour every moment of the 4GB download before jumping in the game. With the title’s expansive content list now driving on the most up to date version of the game’s physics engine, it makes for a very enjoyable experience. Here is all you need to know about the update, including some incredible new content.

Automobilista 2 Update 1.5 Physics

Upon the release of update 1.4.8, Reiza’s Renato Simioni explained that the team’s own tyre model was clashing with the Madness Engine’s tyre model. This caused the entire physics engine to glitch out, in turn causing the odd sensations many players were feeling. A recent developer post on Reiza’s website brilliantly explains what the issues were and how they have overhauled the game.

The tyre model can now accurately flex thanks to the update
The tyre model can now accurately flex thanks to the update – Image credit: Reiza Studios

It may have taken over two years to figure this out, but finally knowing the underlying problem, the developers have managed to correct the issue. As a result, this conflict in systems should no longer impact the game. When we tried the updated open wheel cars in version 1.4.8, we certainly noticed a difference in driving, making for a more predictable and satisfying experience. Finally, a wider range of cars now benefit from these changes.

In fact, the entire AMS 2 car roster, bar the go-karts, now features the upgraded model. This sees the rear end feeling more stable and allows for greater connection between the front and rear axles. Not only does the tyre carcass now perform more realistically, the changes forced Reiza to rework their suspension and aerodynamic models as well. The result is a harmonious simulator that better represents how a car should behave.

AMS 2 Live Track Updates

Alongside the physics overhaul in version 1.5 come a number of improvements to the game’s Live Track model. This model simulates a circuit surface’s evolution over time throughout a session. From rubber being laid down to dirt gradually building up on unused parts of a track; the simulation was far from basic prior to the update. But with AMS 2 version 1.5, the model has gone up a notch.

Live Track features many upgrades in Automobilista 2 update 1.5
Live Track features many upgrades in Automobilista 2 update 1.5 – Image credit: Reiza Studios

Wet weather will now be more accurately simulated, with a full wet line reportedly becoming reality in the game. Indeed, rubber forming a dry racing line will become slippery in the rain, just as it does in real life. This will force cars to look elsewhere for grip making wet racing more of a challenge than the reduced grip it is in the majority of sims.

Additionally, painted kerbs will now become slippery in the wet. Again, this is something that happens in real life and is a major part of wet weather racing. However, very few titles accurately simulate this. Not only does Automobilista 2 look great under rainy conditions, it has now staked a claim to being the most realistic game to race in the rain.

Off-Road Racing in AMS 2

As we already discussed, the new update isn’t all about physics. There is a large collection of content joining Automobilista 2 with update 1.5 as well.

Whilst the biggest addition comes in the form of the Adrenaline Pack, those unwilling to spend more money on the title also get their fair share of shiny new stuff.

The Brazilian Endurance Series, an exciting series to race in the game, now features a number of new-for 2023 cars. The new generation of P1 cars includes the Metalmoro AJR Gen 2, Sigma P1 G5 and Ginetta G58. These high downforce machines are all great to drive and feature their own individual quirks ready to be uncovered.

A new generation of P1 car joins AMS 2 for free
A new generation of P1 car joins AMS 2 for free – Image credit: Reiza Studios

The Adrenaline Pack, however, takes AMS 2 out of its comfort zone. Every piece of content in the sim until now has been at home on dry, tarmac circuits. But the Adrenaline Pack brings a variety of off-road racing cars and rally cross tracks to the sim.

On the circuit front, the original Automobilista featured the Tykki, Foz and Ascurra Dirt Tracks which join the AMS 2 frey. On a more recognisable note, Barcelona, Hockenheim, the Nurburgring and Spa all get their real life rally cross circuits. With a great selection of off-road race tracks, there is plenty of fun to be had off the beaten track.

Rally Cross joins Automobilista 2 via the Adrenaline Pack in update 1.5
Rally Cross joins Automobilista 2 via the Adrenaline Pack in update 1.5 – Image credit: Reiza Studios

Furthermore, the first game’s Mitsubishi Lancer Rally Cross car joins official WRX models such as the VW Polo RX, Mini Cooper RX and Citroen DS3 RX. Elsewhere, a pair of fun buggies pad out the car list and are absolutely epic to drive, especially in VR – if you can handle the motion sickness.

Whilst the Gen 2 P1 cars join the title for free, the Adrenaline Pack is an additional DLC. It is available at no extra cost to those with the 2020-2022 Season Pass. But will cost €18.99 for those that don’t own the Premium Packs.

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