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APXGP: A Fictional Team Coming to F1 23?

F1 23

This weekend, Brad Pitt is running laps around Silverstone whilst filming for a movie. But the fictional team he’s racing for APXGP, could it be represented in F1 23?

2023 is becoming the year of motorsport in dramatisations. F1 23‘s continuation of Braking Point, the Gran Turismo movie is launching in August, and this weekend at the British Grand Prix, a new movie is being filmed.

Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski is directing a movie for Apple TV and Lewis Hamilton’s Dawn Apollo Films production company. It stars Brad Pitt as seasoned F1 driver Sonny Heyes who comes out of retirement to mentor young Joshua Pierce – portrayed by Damson Idris – both drive for the fictional APXGP team.

In a rather unconventional approach, both Pitt and Idris are set to run some laps during the British Grand Prix weekend. They will use a modified Formula 2 car with technical assistance from the Mercedes F1 team and the junior formulae outfit Carlin.

To perhaps build anticipation for the movie, could Codemasters and EA be putting the livery in the next F1 23 Podium Pass?

APXGP in F1 23?

The car is decked out in the iconic black and gold colour scheme popularised by Lotus. It features real life sponsors on the car, one of which just so happens to be EA. The F1 games have not shied away from putting liveries for teams in the game that are not actually competing.

When Audi announced their entry into F1 for 2026, Codemasters and EA added the livery for their launch show car into F1 22‘s Podium Pass Series 4.

The movie isn’t releasing until late 2024 at the earliest, so it’s perhaps fair to say that the next F1 game release could have references to the film to market the release. This wouldn’t be the first time F1 have helped market a film based on the series through their games.

Back on F1 2013, classic cars were introduced into the Codemasters titles, and they were mostly from the 80s and 90s. The Ron Howard-directed Rush was releasing that year, depicting the titanic battle between James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth, Thor) and Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl, Inglorious Basterds).

Codemasters added Niki Lauda’s 1976 Ferrari to be used in time trial to tie in to the release of the movie. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be raced since there were no other classic cars in line with the performance.

With the F1 World car that can be used in My Team career mode, seems like it’s not that big of a stretch to suggest that the livery could be available in the game. Maybe a few players will be tempted to do a career mode as Sonny Hayes or Joshua Pierce.

Maybe even with Braking Point characters like Aiden Jackson, Devon Butler, Casper Akkerman and Callie Mayer being available as teammates in My Team, in the next F1 game you can potentially have Brad Pitt as your teammate!

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