Art of Rally - A hidden gem?

Art of Rally – A hidden gem?

Art of Rally was released this Thursday and seems to be a hidden gem of the racing genre.

Photo credit: Funselektor Labs Inc. (Art of Rally)

Art of Rally was released on Steam and in the Epic Store today. It was developed and published by Funselektor Labs, the creators of Absolute Drift from 2015, which received lots of positive feedback from the community for its challenging and fun gameplay.

This time, the studio has created a game that pays homage to the golden age of rally. It features many tributes to iconic rally cars such as the Ford Escort, the Mini Cooper and the Renault Alpine as well as custom tracks and a very special artstyle that immediately catches the player’s eye. Take a look at the game’s launch trailer:

Art of Rally is clearly not a big release such as DIRT 5, but considering the look and sound of the game and the reactions of the arcade racing community, it might just be a hidden gem.

A user on the r/simracing Subreddit commented on the release of Art of Rally: “Let me tell you, this game is extremely fun, even for a sim racer. Extremely good looking, sounding and feeling arcade racer”. The Steam reviews of the game have been very positive so far.

Well-known content creator FailRace reviewed the game on his YouTube channel and described it as “absolutely brilliant”. If you want to get a more detailed impression of the content and gameplay on offer, check out his video below:

Art of Rally brings a breath of fresh air to the virtual racing scene and could be great for anyone looking for something that differs from the usual racing experience that you get from the bigger titles on the market. You can get Art of Rally for €18.89 on Steam and Epic – but only until September 30th. Afterwards, it will cost you €20.

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