Art of Rally Launches Australia DLC
Image credit: Funselektor Labs

Art of Rally: Australia DLC Launches with New Cars & Tracks

The latest update to popular top-down racer Art of Rally also includes a brand-new DLC pack focusing on Australia and its sandy stages. Here is all you need to know.

If the onslaught of EA Sports WRC bugs and updates is getting tiring, rally fans do have another fun option. Art of Rally is a popular top-down racer that portrays the history of rally just as well as the latest title.

The replication of the rally lifestyle gets an extra push today as the indie title’s developer Funselektor launches its latest DLC pack. Art of Rally players can now race their way through Australia in the latest content drop. Bringing a number of new stages, cars and even the all-important Aussie wildlife to the fray, the pack is certainly plentiful. Here is everything one can expect in the 9€ DLC.

Art of Rally Australia Content

Bringing the wonderful world of Down Under to the title, the stages clearly feature the recognisable dark orange dust one associates with Australian roads. This dust can be found on a total of six new stages in the game. Furthermore, one larger free roam map is available to explore in the DLC.

Gum Scrub, Toorooka, Nulla Nulla, Comara Canyon, Lake Lucernia and Wombamurra all feature terrain one would recognise as Australian. Large, open plains with an orange dusting and the odd tree filling the role of ‘something to hit.’ Elsewhere, one will also fly past new wildlife in these new stages. Kangaroos and Emus are all part of the show.

An orange tinge covers Art of Rally with the latest DLC
An orange tinge covers Art of Rally with the latest DLC. Image credit: Funselektor

The pack also comes with a quartet of new cars. Whilst not bearing their real names, any rally fan will easily recognise the models. The Rotary Kei is a kei truck akin to that of the Hoonigan Garage’s rotary-swapped model. The Das Scholar represents an Opel Ascona in factory colours. Das Maestro is the Group B Opel Manta, a true challenge in most rally titles. Finally, the Kingpin is a Ford Focus WRC much like the famous Colin McRae model of the early 2000’s.

Update 1.5.0

The latest Art of Rally: Australia DLC comes alongside a sizeable update. Whilst not introducing any major features, it does bring forth some fixes and improvements. For example, one can now run rallies of up to 12 stages making for a more challenging event. Furthermore, the overall performance of the game should be better now.

The Kingpin is a representation of the Ford Focus WRC
The Kingpin is a representation of the Ford Focus WRC. Image credit: Funselektor

Several bugs throughout the game have been addressed with this latest patch. Graphical imperfections such as poorly rendering ghosts and object clipping should be no more. Furthermore, some crash events and audio glitches are also fixed with version 1.5.0.

Art of Rally Update 1.5.0 Changelog


  • performance improvements for long sessions and when multi-tasking (e.g. alt+tab)
  • stability improvements for vegetation renderer indirect
  • framerate is no longer capped at 230 fps
  • custom rallies can now have up to 12 stages
  • windows on some houses and boats now glow at night
  • unlocked songs remain unlocked after resetting collectibles
  • last visited free roam stage is remembered
  • various improvements to ghost selection
  • added “total time” to stage post-finish menu in multiple stage rallies
  • career and custom rally overall results now support times longer than 1 hour (single stage results still cap at 59.59.999)
  • free roam views are easier to activate and can be activated by holding the button while passing through the trigger area
  • added extra checks for unlocking freeroam stages and some achievements
  • improved controller button glyphs position in enter/exit View prompts


  • prevented tires from clipping through road on some stages
  • prevented various bugs that could be triggered by a terminal damage crash
  • fixed various issues with saving and loading rally progress and car condition
  • various fixes to ghost selection in menus and leaderboard interaction
  • fixed a bug where some ghosts show the wrong vehicle (may not apply retroactively to existing ghosts)
  • retired AI now remains retired even after resuming saved rally
  • best time in post-finish menu shows correct locally saved best time when offline or when privacy policy is declined
  • recover car near finish gates no longer triggers multiple time penalties
  • skidmarks are cleared when entering free roam views and when recovering car
  • fixed issues with vehicle placement in free roam views
  • fixed il gorilla e1 wheel texture issues when changing liveries
  • fixed issues with wheel texture on some ghosts (e.g. le 504, the fujin, little monkey)
  • camera effects no longer remain active outside photo mode during a replay
  • controller vibration stops after restarting stage or recovering car
  • player selected audio settings are reapplied after disconnecting headphones / earbuds
  • fixed a bug causing screenshot names to use a 12-hour format in rare cases
  • fixed guardrail collider in farschewiler
  • fixed reset zone and prop issues in lake nakuru
  • fixed house texture issues in norway and kenya
  • reduced water foam under bridges on some stages
  • fixed rare leaderboard UI issue in post-finish menu
  • fixed rare terminal damage UI issue in post-finish menu
  • fixed issues with fonts for Chinese, Japanese and Korean (incl. rendering on Steam Deck)
  • retired leaderboard entries can no longer be used as custom ghosts
  • rich presence fixes for Steam and Discord
  • dynamic resolution option removed for Vulkan, as it’s not supported
  • vegetation renderer indirect option removed for Vulkan, as it’s not supported

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