Indie smash hit to conquer consoles next week

Indie smash hit to conquer consoles next week

Art of Rally comes to Switch and Xbox home consoles adding the Kenya stages on all platforms.

Photo credit: Funselektor Labs Inc.

Earlier this week, Art of Rally developer Dune Casu announced that his game will be made available to players on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox players who have the Xbox Game Pass. The game is expected to get a release on PlayStation consoles in the not too distant future, but it won’t be alongside the Switch and Xbox versions of the game next week on 12 August.

What is Art of Rally?

Art of Rally stands out in a world full of serious racing games, as being more enjoyed with a controller but still retaining enjoyable handling physics. The title was a pleasant surprise with its success when it arrived on PC last year.

The community commended Art of Rally for its attention to detail on classic rallying and rather enjoyable handling physics, in stark contrast to its heavily coloured and bright style which gives off the indication that it’s more of a arcade racer.

The game was created single handedly by developer Dune Casu, who produced most parts of the game travelling in his van over the course of nearly three years. If you want to know more about the game, watch our Nitro Nights episode with its creator, Dune Casu!


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