Ascot Park Speedway 1915 For Assetto Corsa: LA's Original Dirt Oval

Ascot Park Speedway, Historic Sim Studios
Historic Sim Studios have released v1.0 of Ascot Park Speedway, a 1915 dirt oval in Los Angeles. The track has a lot to offer for throwing it back to the early years of motorsport in Assetto Corsa.

An era that is covered fairly rarely in sim racing, pre-war motorsport (pre-WWI, that is) likely is new grounds for most of the community. @Historic Sim Studios LLC aims to change that with their freshly-released Ascot Park Speedway in its 1915 guise (so it is technically not pre-WWI), which originally opened in 1903 as a horse racing track. Additionally, their slightly newer Maserati 8CM Grand Prix has received an update, although that falls into the inter-war period.

Ascot Park Speedway (1915)​

Ascot Park was a purpose-built horse racing venue in 1903. However, just a year later in 1904, the idea of motor racing debuted at the site. Being such an early track, Ascot Park was considered one of the best dirt ovals in North America.


Ascot Speedway. Image: Historic Sim Studios

This version of the track, supplied to us by Historic Sim Studios, is based on the 1915 view of Ascot Park. This was just before the track became a permanent venue for racing with a fresh layer of dirt and banking applied.

A 160-acre section of land, owned by Henry E. Huntington, was leased in 1903 for horse racing. However, moralists in the City of Angels lamented what gambling, drinking and other undesirable behaviour would do for the reputation of their city. The site soon turned into a race course for horsepower instead.


Los Angeles Times, 31 July 1903. Image: The Homestead Blog

The 1916 version of Ascot Park hosted the final round of that year's IndyCar championship, marking a significant point in history for the track. That version of the track is available in Historic Sim Studio's 'Indy Legends Pack'.

Interestingly, there were four different tracks with the Ascot name in Los Angeles. The original version, which is what the HSS mod track depicts, closed in 1919. It was located near the intersection of Central and Florence Avenues. Somewhat fittingly,

From 1924 to 1936, the Legion Ascot Speedway located further north, close to Ascot Hills Park, was the second track to bear the name, but it closed after 24 drivers had died there in its mere 12 years of hosting racing events. Initially a 0.625-mile dirt oval, a half-mile asphalt oval was opened in 1934.

Afterwards, Southern Ascot (initially named Southern Speedway) operated between the summer of 1936 until 1942. The half-mile dirt oval was located in South Gate. It preceded the best-known track with the Ascot name, which opened in 1957.

This Ascot Park circuit featured a half-mile dirt oval as well as a 0.2-mile inner oval, and was in operation until 1990. It was originally called Los Angeles Speedway, then New Ascot Stadium. From 1961 onwards, it was simply called 'Ascot Park'. It was located in Gardena in southern LA.

1915 Ascot Park Features For Assetto Corsa:
  • Accurate dirt physics
  • CSP extended physics to include more accurate additional physics simulations
  • 15 Grid Spots + AI Support
  • Detailed Grandstands and Outbuildings

1934 Maserati 8CM Grand Prix​

Meanwhile, the Maserati 8CM is dated nearly two decades after the Ascot Park version that is available for free. However, the grand pix cars of the early 1900s were quite significantly held back by the First World War as well as technical restrictions. Whilst of course there still is a big difference, these cars should also be a good fit for Ascot Park.

The 8CM handles exactly how you imagine it to. The sawing at the wheel to find grip in the ruts of the dirt is exceptional and getting sideways is certainly not an issue. Getting consistent laps is as hard as it likely would have been back when these drivers were racing these machines.

Originally released on Christmas Eve of 2023, the Maserati 8CM has recently received a big update that includes reworked tire code to play nicer with CSP, revised AI, improved visuals for the car's tires regarding wear, damage and dirt accumulation, and more.


Maserati 8CM Grand Prix. Image Credit: Historic Sim Studio

8CM Features:
  • Historically accurate physics based upon researched data.
  • CSP extended physics to include more accurate additional physics simulations
  • Multiple contact point tyres with RainFX support
  • Engine damage model, where the engine will gradually lose power with damage when beyond 50% of its health, then at 25% the engine will start to have throttle cuts
  • Advanced fuel consumption code
  • Finely tuned AI
  • Ten historically accurate paint schemes that include actual driver names
  • Custom 8CM engine sounds

Both of these fantastic mods are available for free right here on OverTake, see the links above. There are plenty of other tracks and cars that are from a similar era available as well if this wartime class of racing machinery has captivated you as it has me.

What other cars from the early years of motorsport have you tried in sim racing? Are there any you would love to see come available on OverTake in the near future? Let us know on X @OverTake_gg or down in the comments below!
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