Asetek Teases Invicta Wheel, Reveals New Accessories

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Hardware manufacturer Asetek SimSports has unveiled new accessories and reworked sim racing equipment. The Danish company also teased their upcoming Invicta wheel.

Asetek SimSports has shown several new or reworked hardware pieces, mostly regarding wheel customization. Similarly to the Danish company's non-formula wheels, for which sim racers can decide on a wheel rim to combine with a button box, their formula-style wheels will be combinable with different types of handles, as CEO André S. Eriksen showed.

These handles include the LMP Handles that give the wheel a closed design, as well as a suede version of their current silicone handles priced at €/$ 99.99 exluding VAT. The LMP handles will retail for €/$ 69.99. Additionally, a color kit to customize accents on the wheel will be available at €/$ 39.99 - a nice customization option, sure, but it still seems relatively steep for what they do.

Meanwhile, Asetek have reworked their quick release system. Eriksen showed a an adapter for wheel bases of other manufacturers, as well as a La Prima version of the Invicta Quick Release Adapter. The main difference is that the La Prima (the lowest of the three product lines of Asetek's) does not feature any electronics, meaning it lacks the built-in USB capability of the Invicta, but is also cheaper at €/$ 99.99 instead of €/$ 139.99. For a purely mechanical piece, this seems to be on the pricier side of things as well.

The extension tubes the company offers have also been redesigned and will no longer require a hex key to be mounted, instead relying on a similar paddle solution as on the QR. Additionally, Eriksen showed an adapter for Podium Mounts - as Asetek wheel bases are front-mounted, this could come in handy for those who have a bespoke mount for Fanatec wheel bases on their rigs but want to make the switch.

Invicta Wheel Teaser: Formula-style & Display?​

Finally, the upcoming Invicta wheel was teased as well. Currently, Asetek's line-up features wheels for both the La Prima and Forte product lines, but none for their highest-tier Invicta line. This is due to change later this year, according to Eriksen, but no more info was given.

The CEO did mention a teaser for the upcoming wheel would also be in the video. Have you spotted it? We shall continue after you took a closer look at the video above.


Look closely at the shelf in the background, right above the Asetek hat...

Indeed, there are two wheels on a shelf in the background that look nothing like any of the other Asetek models. The out-of-focus wheels are formula style and appear to feature a large display, similar to many of the modern high-end wheels available from other manufacturers.

No approximate date for more information has been given for the Asetek Invicta steering wheel, however.

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I love the direction you guys are taking. You listen to your customers, you open your ecosystem to everyone, using your wheelbase or not. This is a simple winning formula, that other company should follow. Thank you.
Cant wait to see what those on the shelf are
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