Wehrseifen corner on the Nordschleife racetrack.
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Nordschleife ACC Update Delays AC2 Release

Assetto CorsaAssetto Corsa Competizione

In a move that should not come as a surprise, the heavily-requested addition of the Nordschleife to Assetto Corsa Competizione means the original Assetto Corsa‘s follow-up will be delayed.

The small team of 23 people at Kunos Simulazioni have been hard at work over the past year. Assetto Corsa 2 was slated for a 2024 release. But they have been juggling developing that with creating content for Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Therefore we can imagine the effort that they have undertaken since the news that they were able to add the Nordschleife to ACC. After five years of players begging for them to add the 25-kilometre layout, they finally could and are doing so in time for next Spring.

That is unfortunately to the detriment of Assetto Corsa 2. It was initially set for launch in Q2 of 2024, but with the ACC Nordschleife confirmation, the early access release has been pushed back to next Summer. This is according to Digital Bros, the parent company of Kunos Simulazioni.

Assetto Corsa 2 Delayed

In an official financial report, they declare that that the Assetto Corsa sequel release will be postponed. This is due to the work being done to get the Season 2024 GT World Challenge pack for ACC released on both PC and console.

Of course, this will be disappointing to many who do not care for the GT3-focused ACC. With the original Assetto Corsa having more variety of cars, AC2 is expected to be more like the initial game. Plus, whilst ACC was made on Unreal Engine 4, the original AC was created on a custom in-house game engine. AC2 will also have its engine built from the ground up.

Because of the Nordschleife update to ACC, the developers are focusing on that, which means AC2 will not make the initial release window. It may be unfortunate for those with no interest in Competizione. But the playerbase for the GT3-focused sim is still very strong.

Plus, that playerbase will likely grow with the heavily-requested Nordschleife finally being added. But why did it take this long to add one of the most popular tracks in the world?

Nordschleife to ACC Finally

ACC released in 2018, and ever since it launched, many players have pestered the Kunos devs to add the Nordschleife. It may have been in the original Assetto Corsa, but its inclusion in ACC for so many years seemed impossible. This was due to one simple fact.

The title is the official game of the real world GT World Challenge racing championships. Therefore all content has to be in keeping with series that are part of the SRO Motorsports Group. This includes not only the various regional GTWC championships but also British GT and the Intercontinental GT Challenge.

For the longest time, the Nürburgring 24 hours was not under the control of SRO. It did not appear on any SRO championship’s schedules. But that all changed in early July.

During the SRO Motorsports Annual Press Conference, it was announced that the event would become part of the 2024 Intercontinental GT Challenge calendar. This meant that for the first time in ACC‘s history, the Nordschleife could finally be added to the game. But was it not too late?

Surely with Assetto Corsa 2 set for launch early next year, was it really worth all that time developing it just for the new title to be released shortly afterwards? Many players assumed that was the case.

A social media post with an image on the left of someone on a racing sim and on the right side is the caption of the post.
In a new post, Charoudin discusses the ACC version of Nordschleife that he tested. Image credit: mgcharoudin on Instagram

That was until Nordschleife specialist Misha Charoudin made a post on Instagram during his trip to Kunos’ HQ. It showed an obscured glimpse of what seemed to be the Nordschleife on ACC. Then the Nürburgring social media team posted the official teaser before quickly deleting it. The official announcement then followed just days later.

The prayers of ACC players had finally been answered.

GT2 Also On Their Way

In Charoudin’s latest post on Instagram, the initially obscured monitors from the previous post are now completely visible. A few eagle-eyed ACC players spotted Charoudin was driving a Porsche, but apparently not any current Porsche in the game.

One of those was Jardier, pointing out that the interior airvents did not match any of the 911 GT3 models, the 718 Cayman GT4 or the 992 GT3 Cup car. With GT2 cars having been confirmed to be coming to ACC in mid-2022, it did not take long before the mysterious new Porsche was identified as being the 911 GT2 RS Clubsport that races in the GT2 European Series.

An assortment of GT2 racecars from the GT2 European Series.
The GT2 cars coming to ACC will be amongst this selection. Image credit: SRO Motorsports Group

This means that the previously-promised GT2 cars will arrive alongside the Nordschleife in Spring 2024. It was announced to be released for this year, but adding the Nordschleife with them understandably has delayed their arrival.

Expect the ACC Season 2024 GT World Challenge pack with the Nordschleife and GT2 cars in Spring next year. Then Assetto Corsa 2 early access will begin at some point during the Summer. It is a good time to be an Assetto Corsa fan!

Are you disappointed that Assetto Corsa 2 is delayed or excited to drive the Nordschleife on ACC? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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