Automobilista 2: a gem constantly polished

Automobilista 2: a gem constantly polished

Automobilista 2 is a great sim racing game that could get even better – we show you how.

Photo credit: Reiza Studios on Twitter

Automobilista 2 is the sequel to the franchise by the Brazilian company Reiza Studios. The second part of the series, released in February 2020, took five years to follow its predecessor. Players got to try out Automobilista 2 in the early access on PC, but the feedback was not thoroughly positive. Ever since, the game was continuously adjusted through various updates and DLC-content. We took a look at the title’s journey up until today.

First impressions in February

Critics of the early access of Automobilista 2 focused mainly on its racing experience, as it appeared to not be fully convincing. Delivering more of a lackluster feeling, the force feedback in the wheel did not come close to the real thing. Reiza Studios continued to fix the title in on-going updates throughout its trial period, translating the community’s feedback in patches and updates. On the bright side, Automobilista 2 impressed with a flawless VR-compatibility, satisfying graphics and some well-known names featured in its track list.

How is Automobilista 2 coming along?

Today’s Automobilista 2 could still use some love from its developers. The game mostly provides a very enjoyable sim racing experience, especially in the VR-mode, but there are some key points that would massively improve the title. While it is fun to race against AI in singleplayer, multiplayer mode on open servers has one prominent disadvantage: a lacking ranking system renders success against your friends online virtually intangible. This basically eliminates the competitive spirit and makes a victory feel pointless.

While the trial period of the early access of Automobilista 2 might be over, Reiza Studios’ ears are still not deaf to the wishes of the community. Players can enjoy continuously improved gameplay with each update, which keeps us interested in what’s still to come.

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