Classic Nurburgring joins AMS2 as release candidate in recent content launch

Automobilista 2: Reiza Launch Classic Nürburgring


Throughout last week, Reiza teased the upcoming launch of its classic take on the Nürburgring. Over the weekend, Automobilista 2 was graced with this historic piece of content in release candidate form.

Image credit: Reiza Studios

UPDATE 28/04/2023: Reiza has officially launched the full release version of the classic Nürburgring in all its glory. Featuring the infamous Nordschleife, the first official simracing recreation of the Sudschleife and the combined Gesamstrecke, fans of the Green Hell will revel in the release.

Just four days after the beta launch of the Classic Nürburgring for Automobilista 2, Reiza has released its final version. The track is available as part of the Nürburgring DLC pack, which also comes with a modern version of the Nürburgring including the Nordschleife and GP layout.

Since the release candidate version of the historic track, it has gained more life. More spectators sit beside the track whilst the odd campfire or burst of light illuminates your way round the Green Hell. The only thing missing is a Smell-O-Vision screen providing wafts of barbecuing sausages.


For over a month now, Automobilista 2 fans have been awaiting release of a classic iteration of the Nürburgring. In fact, in early March, Reiza announced that it would be hot on the tail of the previously launched historic Bathurst.

Last week, the Brazilian studio teased the 1971 Green Hell’s release via a tweet. It turns out a full release wasn’t quite ready for the weekend. However, Reiza did stick to its promise by putting out a release candidate version of the track.

Classic Nürburgring Launch

After a selection of excellent historic venues in Automobilista 2, a 1971 iteration of the Nürburgring will certainly be the cherry on top for many a historic racing fan. The latest content drop for the title not only includes the infamous Nordschleife, but also the Sudschleife.

This is the first time the southern layout has featured in sim racing in an official capacity, making it somewhat of a historic moment in the genre. Players can test out the Nordschleife and Sudschleife independently, or compete on a combined layout dubbed the Gesamstrecke.

As mentioned above, the Automobilista 2 historic rendition of the Nürburgring is currently in beta, or release candidate form. As a result, the team is still hard at work on the circuit.

According to the developer’s forum post concerning the launch, the classic Nürburgring is currently missing several track-side objects. It also reportedly features a number of minor bugs and glitches which are sure to be resolved come the full release. If the post is to be believed, this could come within the next few days.

Doettinger Hoehe in 1971 in Automobilista 2
Doettinger Hoehe in 1971 in Automobilista 2. Image credit: Reiza Studios

But that doesn’t mean fans of the game can’t already experience it to its fullest. Anyone that owns the game can opt in to its beta program. Simply right click on the title in your Steam library and go to Properties. Then go to the Beta tab and select the Release Candidate option from the dropdown menu. Your game should update to the latest beta version giving you access to the new track and all other updates.

Alongside the new track are a selection of bug fixes and some minor physics tweaks. But the biggest addition, second to the Green Hell, is the inclusion of all the skins from the 2023 Brazilian Stock Car season.

Editor’s Take

It’s great to see AMS 2 grow into a fantastic racing simulator for historic content. This latest release ties in perfectly with other early-1970’s venues like Spa, Imola and Monza. Now getting towards the end of its list of previously promised content, it will be interesting to see how much support Reiza gives the game.

Whilst it’s fantastic seeing the Nordshleife in a historic guise, it’s the Sudschleife that really interests me. It is a layout I have never driven and don’t know much about. With all acing titles offering the same circuits and cars, it’s rare that we get to experience an all-new track. Do excuse me now, I’ve got to spend the next few days learning the layout.

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