Automobilista 2 F1 1991 Mod: More Race-Specific Liveries & Drivers Added (Update)

Automobilista 2 mods might be on the verge to take another step forward: An update to @Immersion Modding Group's F1 1991 livery pack now lets players select scenarios - possibly opening the door to race-specific sets.

UPDATE JUNE 22, 2024

IMMERSION Modding Group has further refined their 1991 pack for Automobilista 2. After the original six scenarios, the mod now features 12 different sets to choose from, covering the number of changes that happened during that season. As a result, it is possible to have accurate grids for the 16 rounds of the championship.

This also covers the teams at the back of the grid in a more extensive way, as the previous scenarios had already started doing. This meant that different teams could be found on the grid at different races, such as Fondmetal, Lambo (Modena) or AGS. More of these outcomes have also been added to the pack. The Lambo-Lamborghini team makes its debut in AMS2 as a result.

It is not just about who swapped teams and who qualified, though. The pack now also comes with separate scenarios for both the German and British Grands Prix, where some teams had to run no-tobacco liveries. As these differed between Hockenheim and Silverstone in some instances, this is reflected in the pack as well.


The Lambo-Lamborghini team had big ambition, but little success - the team only qualified for six races and folded after the 1991 season. Image: @brainner / IMMERSION Modding Group

Furthermore, the Larrousse team has been moved to the Model 3 car, so it is now a V8-powered car as it was in the real 1991 season. Previously, it had used the Model 1 and its V12 engine, which looked closer to the actual LH91. Its spot has been taken by the aforementioned Lambo, who did indeed use a V12 motor.


Full-season mods used to be very popular in the days of rFactor, Grand Prix 4, and other sims of the time. Having the driver line-up and cars appear as they would have at each specific race was a great feature that could be achieved via opponent presets in rFactor (and choosing the correct car version and livery for the player car), for instance. And GP4 veterans will remember ZaZ's Tools that included Car Set Manager (CSM), which would allow players to choose exactly what GP they wanted to race.

This level of detail and accuracy has seemingly fallen by the wayside a bit in recent years, with even full-season car sets not being found as frequently. A new option by IMMERSION Modding Group introduced via an update to their Automobilista 2 F1 1991 livery pack might open the door for race-specific grids again, though.


Spa 1991, Robert Moreno's final race for Benetton that year. Interestingly, he seemingly had his Jordan helmet for later ready at that point already.

Granted, AMS2 does not have full grids of authentic cars for any F1 season, but the 1991 championship is represented relatively well with four different cars to choose from in Formula Classic Gen 4. IMG's pack brings liveries and drivers to all of these cars.

New XML Selector Feature​

Thus far, the 1991 pack was not very representative for much of the real season, with Michael Schumacher already in the Benetton (as he was from Monza onwards, which was round 12 of 16). Now, the new XML Selector feature offers a few more options that are easy to load into AMS2.

The procedure is relatively simple: Find the "F1_Season_1991_XML_Selector.bat" file, run it and choose one of six scenarios, one of which is fictional.


Image: Brainbug / IMMERSION Modding Group

Accurate Grids For Select 1991 GPs​

As Formula One seasons usually never see all car/driver combinations intact from start to finish, this could be used to include race-specific driver swaps and even liveries. For instance, the article header shows Gianni Morbidelli in the Ferrari - the Italian took over for the Australian GP season finale in 1991 after Alain Prost got fired.

You can also choose to redo Michael Schumacher's F1 debut at the Belgian Grand Prix - choose this scenario in the XML selector, and the German will be in the Jordan, with Roberto Moreno still in the Benetton seat.


We wonder what that German kid in the Jordan is going to achieve in the future...

Another neat feature is that the backmarker teams are adjusted accordingly. Remember, in 1991, there still was pre-qualifying in place, as there were way more entries than grid slots available, and only 26 cars got to start a race. If you load up the Mexian GP scenario (although the track is not in AMS2), Olivier Grouillard in his Fondmetal will be on the grid, while Emanuele Pirro in the Dallara and Erik Comas in the Ligier will be missing.

IMMERSION Modding Group state in the 1991 livery pack's update notes that they are considering doing another scenario that includes liveries without tobacco sponsors, as run at the British and German GPs. As most F1 seasons portrayed in AMS2 saw numerous driver and livery changes, the feature's potential should be enormous - and a nice throwback to the full-season mod packs of the past.

What do you think about the XML Selector feature? Let us know on Twitter @OverTake_gg or in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


Hopefully in the future, macro details like accurate race-by-race grids and perhaps even race-by-race performance variation will come to all of these seasonal mods!
At least the sim racing scene has progressed beyond editing configuration files, installing external programs, and community patching to fix or add basic functionality to Sims like we had to do back in the day.

Oh wait ...
What is there not to like in the the XML Selector feature?
any option that bring us closer to real life racing scenario is good to have.
The only aspect that it is a little cumbersome to use, but really glad to have the choice.
Not on the same level as AC modding transformation of course, but this a further demonstration that any SIM can be made better by the modding community and why, I think developers should open their offering to modders.
I thought there was already the ability to have track-specific liveries in AMS2? It just didn't work with championship.
Where is AI mentioned anywhere in the article?
Well, it's in the title... is that not enough for you?

I can see the future realism bringing scenarios like... Alesi tapping a player on the head wanting his Ferrari back, claiming that his Monaco podium is in the history books and a bloke that's never even sat in an F1 car will not deprive him... "GET OUT OF MY CAR, you weren't even born yet"
I supose when in the article mentioned that list of pilots that are actually not racing, cuz minor reasons as they are dead, in elderly residences or simply their wives dont let them get in a car anymore, they were mentioning the AI.

But yeah i also was expecting more about ams2 ai, and also about online competition?
I wish Reiza would just get on with allowing custom AI in multiplayer lobbies. All these wonderful offline options by modders putting hours of work in and you can't properly share them with friends.
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Nop we dont because liveries are controlled after XML file
LOL, if any one of us could speak with authority on this topic, it would be Alain Fry, the other professor!

Technically, a total (AI+livery) app for AMS2 could easily configure any unique combination, to accommodate different drivers and liveries, but it would have to be re-run between events to activate a particular, desired array of attributes for each race. And, sadly, all of these changes wouldn’t carry over to Championship mode. Hopefully, Reiza will expand the xml-file system to permit different liveries on a per-track basis, similar (but expanded) to the seminal driver swap capability.
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Hopefully in the future, macro details like accurate race-by-race grids and perhaps even race-by-race performance variation will come to all of these seasonal mods!
I guess taking the XML file as a template and knowing the drivers that took part in the races in other seasons you could edit this template accordingly.
OK just had a driveout in newest addition. Kudos!

1991 season been my favorite sim-wise since the infamous rF1 "F1 1991 LE" (Legends Edition) car+track mod pack, also coming with individual grids as per event on the calendar.
However this old mod still exceeds modern sims in modeling the various breakdown of the fragile cars with sudden suspension error, engine overheating, and other leg braces.
Not to speak of the very individual engine sounds - quite more sound, so to say.
All spicy ingredience adding to an all-encompassing thrilling experience.

Could be nice if next step is further work on individual engine sounds and adding more team-dependent fragility and break-down.
Even Grand Prix 2 was coming with this from the box, mapping very well the fragility of the 1994 season teams.

Edit: OK was not ment to be a talk down - still splendid mod work! :inlove:
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Could be nice if next step is further work on individual engine sounds and adding more team-dependent fragility and break-down.
I think the fragility part is actually taken care of via the AI files, though that only affects AI drivers as far as I'm aware. So for the player, the livery won't make any difference, but a Lotus should break down much more frequently than a Williams in this pack when racing the AI, even though they are the same model.

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