Automobilista 2 officially released

Automobilista 2 officially released

Patch 1.0 is available for download as of July 1. It includes a lot of updates, new tracks and cars.

Photo credit: Steam / Automobilista 2

Automobilista 2 has been officially released and is available on Steam. The game was available as an early access version since the end of March 2020. The Brazilian developer Reiza Studios has now delivered version 1.0 on July 1. The huge update includes new tracks and cars as well as a lot of gameplay adjustments.

The simulation puts a lot of emphasis on the Brazilian racing scene. It features all major Brazilian racing series, tracks, and manufacturers. Nevertheless, there is also a lot of international motorsports to discover in the game. The players can take a seat in many different vehicles like trucks, karts and formula racing cars.

Players who look for a realistic racing experience should definitely have a look at Automobilista 2 since it also supports VR.

Reiza Studios did not hesitate to add a lot of content in patch 1.0 and there is yet more to come. In the official release trailer, you can see tracks like Silverstone, Spa and Nordschleife. They are expected to be implemented into the game in later updates.

New cars and vehicle updates

Among other things, the release patch brings the cars of four entire racing series.

  • Added Stock Car 2020 Series
  • Added Copa Montana series
  • Added Opala Stock Cars 1979 Season
  • Added F-Retro Gen1 Series (also featuring official Brabham BT44, Lotus 72E, Mclaren M23 Grand Prix cars),
Source: Steam / Automobilista 2

The developers are also aiming to improve the optics of the cars further. A lot of detail changes and bug fixes have been applied to the vehicles.

Major physics update

Reiza Studios worked together with Slightly Mad Studios, the developers of Project CARS, to deliver a full simulation. A lot of updates to its physics were implemented during the early access phase. Consequently, many improvements to the physics can be found in Patch 1.0 as well. Here are the most important ones:

  • Fully revised kart physics & AI (all classes)
  • Increased front tyre sidewall stiffness for Stock Car, Ultima Race, Sprint Race & all prototypes for better compliance & less bouncing at high speed
  • Decreased brake fade when below optimal temperature
  • Removed onboard brake bias and adjustable roll bars for cars that shouldnt have it
  • Lowered brake heating for steel brakes
Source: Steam / Automobilista 2

New tracks to discover

Players can test the updates on several new tracks. There have also been adjustments to pre-existing tracks.

  • Added Bathurst Track
  • Added Brasilia Track (2 layouts)
  • Added Granja Viana kart track (4 layouts)
  • Added Cascais Portugal Track
  • Updated road shader
  • Added ambient reverb to new tracks that still didn´t have them
Source: Steam / Automobilista 2

More updates included

Besides these major updates, there have been many minor changes. The AI has been adjusted, many audio issues were resolved and the UI and HUD got some slight improvements.

You can find the full patch notes here.

Automobilista 2 currently costs €36.99 on Steam. A season pass which grants access to all DLCs planned for 2020 & 2021 is also available for €89.99. The entensions will contain five “Premium Race Tracks” with multiple versions and 3 expansion packs with several cars and tracks. We are curious about the exact contents of the DLCs and whether they will be worth the money.

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