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BeamNG.Drive 0.31: T-Series Truck Remaster Imminent

The BeamNG.Drive 0.31 update is on the horizon. With the first few teaser images released on the official forums, everyone’s favourite vehicle soft-body simulator looks to keep on truckin’ – literally.

From a long-awaited facelift to catering for users with lower-end hardware. Update 0.31 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting updates for BeamNG.Drive this year. With the game retaining an enormoususer base week in and week out, there is no surprise that the calls of the community have been heard by the dedicated development team.

Update 0.31 Will include a remaster and facelift of the T-Series Semi-Truck

Full ‘Vulkan’ Implementation

If the phrase ‘Vulkan’ doesn’t mean anything to you in the context of BeamNG.Drive, then look no further. ‘Vulkan’ is an experimental piece of software that has been built into a separate, highly experimental, version of BeamNG.Drive. Many users utilise Vulkan’s rendering capabilities to help stabilise their game’s performance. However, in BeamNG.Drive‘s 0.31 update, the build is rumoured to be much more stable. A full release of Vulkan could finally see the game become more accessible for players with lower-end PCs.

The purpose of Vulkan is to spread the rendering workload across the GPU and CPU in a more efficient way. This can potentially increase FPS. Vulkan is more explicit than OpenGL or DirectX. In summary, this means that the drivers have to do less guessing. They focus their processing power on command sending to the GPU instead. This frees up the CPU to stay idle for longer. Consequently allowing the GPU to process data in a more optimized way. (Credit: tesfabpel)

T-Series Remaster

The T-Series Semi-Truck is one of the most loved and used assets in BeamNG.Drive. However, the community has been crying out for the old and faithful truck to have a full facelift and remaster after 9 years of faithful service.

The BeamNG.Drive developers have been slowly facelifting and reimagining a lot of the base vehicle content over the past year. The small hatchback, the Covet, made its re-debut in update 0.26 with the biggest list of changes so far. Could the T-Series take that crown?

48 Different Potential T-Series Chassis Configurations. Image Credit: BeamNG

With the changes to the T-Series imminent, the additions of truck configurations such as tow trucks, rubbish trucks and cranes are well within the capabilities of such a major facelift. The T-Series changes range over a minimum of 48 configurations according to the screenshot provided by the BeamNG.Drive development team.

0.31 Update Speculations

In this final list section, the itinerary discussed is purely speculative. These potential additions have NO official announcement regarding inclusion in the 0.31 update.

  • Airbags: Mentioned as having been tested, however not currently known to be included.
  • Driver Model: The feasibility of a driver model was investigated for a public release.
  • Tyre Data And Thermals: Mentioned multiple times on forums in the last few months, but unlikely to be added imminently
  • Ropables: TDev mentioned that ropes/ties are WIP and winches are on his short-term wish list. Not only would that be important for cargo and off-road gameplay, but it would also allow for more types of vehicles such as Hook and chain trucks, Wreckers and Cranes. (Credit ManFredE3)

Let us know what you think should be added to BeamNG.Drive’s 0.31 update over on X @Overtake_gg or down in the comments below.

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