Small Update To v0.32.3 Deployed

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BeamNG v0.32.3 adds new Gambler 500 configuration
After not having a major update in over two months, sees a small patch arrive that packs a bit of a punch. Here's what is new in v0.32.3.

It was only at the beginning of July that it was announced that patience would be in order - the next major update was postponed indefinitely. That did not stop the studio from taking a less ambitious step first, however. Whilst small, the patch does add a fair chunk of content for the ETK I-Series, and the 'Gambler 500' content continues to roll in for BeamNG players. Still, there is no sign of circuit racing additions.


ETK I-Series jumping Downtown West Coast USA. Image: BeamNG v0.32.3 Release Notes​


  • ETK I-Series
    • Added Gambler 500 configuration with new parts, new rim variation, lift, roof cage, front bumper, patent pending piano mount, and a new skin, it is based off of the vlog in the real-life Gambler 500 series
    • Updated lights
  • Props
    • Added configurations with weight and value info displayed on UI to all props. This is also needed for automated documentation


  • West Coast, USA
    • Fixed missing road/curbs mesh at fuel station near player garage
    • Fixed canal water
    • Adjusted tunnel light bleed
    • Fixed waypoints and enhanced AI flow in different areas
    • Updated Shuffleboard logistics computer screen
    • Fixed different decalroads layering issues and materials
    • Fixed different normal errors on some meshes
    • Fixed some mesh collisions
    • Deleted some materials duplicates
  • Italy
    • Fixed texture stretch on sidewalk
    • Deleted old test mesh
  • Common
    • Updated some old files version


  • Fixed Senseless Destruction Crawl scenario not working due to player vehicle breaking suspension on spawn

Input & FFB​

  • Added input mapping for Turtle Beach Velocity-one Race

Game Engine​

  • This release implements security improvements. Please update as soon as possible
  • Mod Manager: Fixed Lua exception when zip file isn’t done transferring to mod folder

Outside of the ETK I-Series and West Coast USA additions and fixes, there are a small handful of other notable changes and improvements. The 'Senseless Destruction' Crawl scenario had been broken for a while. As of v0.32.3, the scenario is playable again.

Good news for those who have been having fun with the Turtle Beach Velocity-one wheel and pedals bundle: Force Feedback support is here! This addition supports the wheelbase, button box and pedals included in the set.

Hill 2.jpg

ETK I-Series's new Gambler 500 look. Image: BeamNG

Are you looking forward to BeamNG's next major update? What do you want to see added or changed? Let us know on X @OverTake_gg or down in the comments below!
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Thanks for posting Connor:)

Awesome news, always a great day when any Sim has an update:inlove:.

The 'Gambler' series of vehicles in BeamNG can be fun when based on 4 wheel driving vehicles, there are however, a few where the modders had some fun creating them :confused::roflmao:

Look forward to down loading the update:)

0 BeamNG WARMING on the REACTOR copy.jpg
2a BeamNG Theos COVET GAMBLER PICKUP at UTAH copy.jpg
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Couldn't wait:redface::roflmao:....loaded and tried out the 'ETK 1 Series Gambler 500' at Johnson Valley:D

....and went one step further by shoving in a 500cui Drag Engine....:cool::roflmao:

00 BeamNG ETK 1 Series GAMBLER Meo DRAG at WEST COAST copy.jpg
1 BeamNG ETK 1 Series GAMBLER Meo DRAG at WEST COAST copy.jpg
2 BeamNG ETK 1 Series GAMBLER Meo DRAG at WEST COAST copy.jpg
4 BeamNG ETK 1 Series GAMBLER Meo DRAG at WEST COAST copy.jpg

....also using the 'Real Long Exposure' effect to give some movement and speed action to the screenshots:inlove:
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