Gran Turismo 7 will sport over 400 cars at launch!

Gran Turismo 7 will sport over 400 cars at launch!

Gran Turismo 7

In the latest previews from PlayStation’s YouTube channel, Gran Turismo series producer Kazunori Yamauchi provided us an insight on the cars that will feature in GT7.

Photo credit: Polyphony Digital / Gran Turismo TV

More exciting news Gran Turismo 7! In the latest set of previews with series producer Kazunori Yamauchi, we have come to learn more about the cars that will feature in the new game at launch. On PlayStation’s YouTube channel, some notable cars have been revealed that will come to the much anticipated next gen racing game.

For example, the iconic Chaparral 2J fan car makes an appearance, as does the Alpine A220 and the Corvette C4 (which has been in every Gran Turismo game except GT Sport). Not only that, but with the return of Trial Mountain and High Speed Ring, another fan favourite of the original games makes its return.

From a shot in one of the previews, Deep Forest Raceway is back.

In these previews, Yamauchi goes into detail about the car collecting and appreciating all aspects of automotive culture such as performance and design. He then reveals the big one, that Gran Turismo 7 will launch with over 400 cars. Compare that to 168 cars from Gran Turismo Sport‘s launch which is now up to about 324, so imagine how many will be added to GT7 in the coming years.

GT 7 to launch in early 2022

As we have already covered, the game will launch for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, with different editions available at launch on 4 March 2022.

Expect more videos released from PlayStation’s official YouTube channel in the leadup to the release of Gran Turismo 7.

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