Best of OverTake 2020: Bloopers & Highlights

Best of OverTake 2020: Bloopers & Highlights

Since starting OverTake, we have had many memorable moments in 2020. Here is a selection of our favorite outtakes and highlights.

From green slime developing its own mind, to Froskurinn traveling to work by military jet: showing you all our fun moments would burst your schedule. So we have gathered together a selection of clips which made us grin, laugh or gave us goosebumps during productions.

Born in wild times

When OverTake came to life, the first lockdown due to the coronavirus was just about to begin. There couldn’t have been harder times for such an ambitious project to begin. Nitro Nights, for example, started as fully remote production, before our beloved studio could fulfill its destiny, which made the entire production even more fun. Of course, not everything goes as planned all the time and it takes much work until you get to see the polished result in the end. To take you on a little journey into our world, we show you some of our little hickups, but also big moments that we like to remember (Emily Jones breaking the Hot Lap record just like that, for example).

On to the next lap

Of course there are many other formats such as our Software and Hardware Reviews that found their way into our best of OverTake video. Thanks to our great partners, we would have so much more to show, but this has to wait until another time. If some of you wonder why no Clash of Racers scenes are included: Ít was a highlight in its own right and such got a seperate collection, which you can find on our website as well.

Perfect timing to tell you that of course you can look forward to even more formats and new content to come next year. We’d be glad if you took a seat next to us again, ready to drive through the world of esports racing. Until then: Buckle up and see you on track.

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