An image of two trucks racing through the mud in Forza Horizon 4.

Best Racing Game Steam Sales from The Steam Racing Fest

The Steam Racing Fest has just begun. Many of the best simracing games are on sale now at discount rates.

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By now, almost all PC gamers are familiar with the Steam Summer Sale. Every year, many games on Steam are heavily discounted for a select period of time during the Summer months. However, there is a new Steam sale going on right now, one which will certainly pique the interest of many simracing fans.

From 23-30 May, the Steam Racing Fest is taking place. This features many impressive deals on all manner of racing games. The discounts range from serious sims like Assetto Corsa to arcade racers like Hot Wheels Unleashed, and pretty much everything in between. Here are some of the biggest and best deals available right now in the Steam Racing Fest.

Steam Racing Fest Sale: Simracing Titles

Let’s start with the serious simulations. As noted above, Assetto Corsa is currently on sale for no less than 80% off, slashing the price from €19.99/£15.49 down to just €3.99/£3.09. All DLCs for the game are also on sale. However, the more recent GT-racing sequel Assetto Corsa Comeptizione, is still full price.

An image of an Alfa Romeo racing in a field of five cars in Assetto Corsa.
Assetto Corsa is currently on sale at 80% off. Image credit: Kunos Simulazioni.

Two other titans of the racing simulation world are also on sale. rFactor 2 is currently available at a discount of 72%, while iRacing is a lowly 33% off. As for the less well-known driving sims on offer, the Brazilian-developed Automobilista and Automobolista 2 are currently 50% off. Another under-appreciated title, has also been slashed in price by 20%.

Simcade Titles on Sale

Next up we have some racing games which may look realistic to an uninformed onlooker, but which are still accessible to the casual player. Thankfully, F1 2021 is not on sale, so the debate on how to classify that particular game can wait for another day.

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One of the most popular racing games of the last decade, Forza Horizon 4, is currently available for just €23.09/£18.14, 67% less than its usual asking price of €69.99/£54.99. Horizon 4’s more recent sibling, Forza Horizon 5, is not currently on sale.

Rally fans are well catered to by the Steam Racing Fest. Both Dirt Rally 2.0 and WRC 10 are included in the sale. The former is available at a discount of 70%, while the latter is 45% off. Other games in both the Dirt and WRC series are also going cheap right now.

An image of a Toyota rally car in WRC 10. On the right, there are road signs with arrows pointing around an upcoming bend.
Follow the arrows to a cheaper WRC 10. Image credit: Kylotonn / Nacon

There’s something for those who prefer their motorsport on two wheels as well. 2020 motorcycle racing release Ride 4 is currently just one quarter of its usual price. Meanwhile, the latest official MotoGP release from Milestone, MotoGP 22, is also on sale for 40%.

Casual Racing Games on Sale

Finally, let’s move on to the more casual, arcade side of things. Several games in the legendary Need for Speed franchise are discounted at the moment. Need for Speed Heat, released in 2019, is currently available for 80% less than usual, while Hot Pursuit Remastered, Most Wanted and the simply titled Need for Speed are all 75% off.

An image from Need for Speed Heat with several neon lights reflected in puddles on the ground.
All this neon for 80% less than usual! Image credit: EA.

Another casual title which has received a major discount is open world driving game The Crew 2, which is currently 80% off. GRID Legends, the story-driven action-racer, has been slashed to half-price despite being a 2022 release.

Finally, there are the true arcade titles. Of these, Hot Wheels Unleashed and Wreckfest lead the way. Hot Wheels Unleashed was released just last year, but like GRID Legends it’s on sale for 50% of its usual price. Meanwhile Wreckfest goes a little further, and is currently available at 60% off.

An image of three cars racing in Hot Wheels Unleashed.
Hot Wheels Unleashed occupies the arcade end of the racing game scale. Image credit: Milestone.

All of these deals and more are available now and will last until 30 May. If you’re planning to take advantage of the discounts, you should take a look at the Steam Racing Fest now. However, always make sure that you remember that a deal is only a deal if you actually want the game, and that even cheap games can add up if you buy too many!

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