The 2023 Steam Summer Sale features many deals for racing games
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Best Racing Games in the Steam Summer Sale 2023

This year’s Steam Summer Sale kicked off last night and features many racing games. Here are the best sim racing deals available in 2023.

Everyone loves getting a good deal on a product they were thinking of buying. Luckily for gamers, Steam often offers large-scale sales on its store with the most recent one kicking off 29 June.

The Steam Summer Sale for 2023 lasts from 29 June until 13 July and features many titles to excite sim racers. If you’re thinking of getting your hands on a new racing game, there is a long list to chose from. Here are the best deals on offer.

rFactor 2 and its Content

Despite its age, rFactor 2 is a popular sim for its physics and handling model. Furthermore, it is far from the priciest racing game on the market in its base form. However, many racing fans find issue with its content model, which often ends up breaking the bank.

Thankfully, the current Steam Summer Sale offers all 2022 content for a discounted price. The base game is now 75% off, costing just £6.24/€7.24. At this price, it is certainly a must-have racer.

As for the additional content packs, select pieces of content such as individual Daytona, Monaco or Sebring tracks the Porsche 992 Cup car sit at 50% off, £3.89/€4.50 per track and £2.16/€2.50 for the Porsche. The full GT3 pack costs £18.99/€22 with a 40% discount. Finally, you can buy every piece of content released in 2022 for 20% off, at a price of £69.05/€80.

Kunos Games in the Steam Sale

Another core sim racing title is Assetto Corsa. Whilst this game usually costs around £61/€80 including every DLC pack, it now features a whopping 90% discount for the Ultimate Edition. The highly moddable title with all first party cars and tracks is therefore available to buy for £6/€8.

Assetto Corsa Competizione is the official SRO game, and many claim that it is the best GT3 simulator. The title usually costs £34.99/€40. But in the 2023 Steam Summer Sale, this racing game comes to £10.49/€12 thanks to a 70% reduction. In addition, all DLC packs are on sale as well, the majority being 60% off. Just the American Tracks Pack and 2023 GT World Challenge DLC sit at 30% and 10% off respectively.

Automobilista 2 Discount

In recent weeks, we have become increasingly optimistic about Automobilista 2. With ever-improving physics, stunning graphics and an exciting content selection in the works, it is showing lots of potential.

There are certainly many sim racers interested in this game but aren’t willing to spend the full price of nearly £115/€130 for the base game and Season Pass. However, in its discounted state, that price drops significantly allowing those interested to get their hands on the title. With all currently available content, the game and Season Pass features a 42% discount dropping the price to £66.13/€73.33.

Elsewhere, the older Automobilista 1 is also part of the Steam Summer Sale. This Brazilian racing game is often lauded for its incredibly raw Force Feedback and physics. The 2016 game currently costs £10/€12.

Forza Horizon Series for Cheap

One of the biggest franchises in the racing game world is Forza Horizon. Since the fourth iteration, the games have been available to purchase on Steam which means they are eligible for Steam Sales.

Forza Horizon 5 and 4 are available for a reduced price on Steam
Forza Horizon 5 and 4 are available for a reduced price on Steam – Image credit: Playground Games

Both titles feature in this latest mass discount. Starting with the oldest of the two racing games in the Steam Summer Sale, Forza Horizon 4 currently sits at 67% off. Whilst it usually costs £55/€70 for the base game and £70/€90 for the Deluxe Edition, they now sit at £18.14/€23.09 and £24.49/€31.49 respectively.

Forza Horizon 5‘s price has dropped by 50%. As a result, it now sits at £25/€30 for the Standard Edition. The title’s major Expansion Packs also feature in the sale. The Hot Wheels pack now costs £7.50/€10 at 50% off and the newer Rally Expansion sits at £12/€16, -20%.

Arcade Racing Games on Sale

If simulators aren’t your style, there are plenty of arcade racing games as part of the Steam Summer Sale. BeamNG.Drive may not be an arcade game on the surface but it can play like one. It currently costs £15.59/€16.79 thanks to a 20% discount.

For a more recent title, the newest Need For Speed Unbound features a massive 70% discount despite only releasing last year. It currently costs £18/€21. NFS Heat is also at a reduced price of £12/€14 if you’d rather avoid the flashy Unbound graphics.

Steam Sale Rally Games

In the rally gaming world, two series have been locked in an arm wrestle for years. Until EA releases WRC 23, that battle is sure to continue for a while. The previous Kylotonn WRC series and Codemaster’s Dirt franchise both share a piece of the rally community and they are both on sale.

Two of the best rally games are going cheap in the steam Summer Sale
Two of the best rally games are going cheap in the steam Summer Sale – Image credit: Codemasters

The most recent WRC game, Generations is available for £19.68/€23.53 in Deluxe Edition and the base game comes out at £14/€16. This represents a 56% and 60% drop respectively.

As for the Dirt franchise, Dirt Rally 2.0‘s sale is a whopper at 80% meaning the standard game costs £3.59/€4. For every piece of in-game content, you only need to double that price as the Game of the Year Edition will currently set you back £7/€8.

What racing games will you purchase in the Steam Summer Sale? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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