Best sim racing deals in the October Amazon Prime Day sale
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Best Sim Racing Amazon Prime Day Deals

From 10-11 October, Amazon is hosting a flash Prime Days sale featuring lots of items including sim racing tech and titles. Here are the best deals on offer.

If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, it is the perfect time to get your wallet out and purchase whatever you have you heart set on. From today 10 October, Amazon is hosting a two-day Prime Day sale. Featuring everything from kitchen equipment to books and DIY tools, it is a full sale with something for everyone.

In this case, everyone includes sim racers and racing game enthusiasts with many Prime Day sales on hardware and titles. With many items to go through and such a short time to make the leap, we went through the top deals on offer. Here is our extensive list.

Amazon Prime Day Racing Games

For many, Amazon is an easy place to pick up copies of racing games. Rather than purchasing on Steam and downloading a virtual copy or having to venture out to a local store, Amazon will ship a physical version of a title to your front door.

Several of these titles feature in the Amazon Prime day deals, including some shockingly recent sim racing games.

The Crew Motorfest released just last month as the latest open world racing game to follow the Forza Horizon formula of racing around a large map hosting a trendy festival. Despite its relative youth, Amazon is dropping the price on this Ubisoft game by 29% in the sale. Admittedly the Limited Edition version, it does mean one can pick it up for €49,99 rather than €69,99.

Formula One racing games were bountiful over the summer. The latest EA Sports release came out in June, whilst Frontier’s second F1 Manager game hit shelves in August. The former features in the long list of on-sale products this week. F1 23 already features a whopping 49% discount, meaning it is available for €40,49 on PS4, PS5 and Xbox.

Finally on the games front, the crash-tastic racing game Wreckfest, all about destroying your rivals comes down in price this week too. A 37% discount for the PS5 version of the game leaves it a fun title to test over a weekend for just €16,99.

Logitech Hardware On Sale

There is truly no greater feeling than booting up a racing game whilst sat behind a full racing wheel and pedals. Luckily, one can get this same experience thanks to the Amazon sale.

Logitech offers a full simulator selection in the Amazon Prime Day deals. Players will not only be able to accelerate, brake and steer, but also change gears in a realistic way.

LOGITECH G29 - €199
The Logitech G29 is considered the best wheel for esports racing beginners and even a lot of pros are still using it. Two force feedback motors in the wheel provide a very realistic feeling. The steering range of 900 degrees lets you pull off every manoeuvre possible. The bundle includes three high-quality metal pedals. It’s compatible with PC and PS4. Xbox One Users should look for the G920, which nearly has the same price and features.

The Logitech G923 racing wheel is available at a discounted price for the next two days. On offer for €254,90 instead of €270,49, it comes in at 6% off. A €25 saving is certainly not to be grumbled at.

As aforementioned, those looking to go one step further in their racing simulator experience can also get a shifter for gear changes. The brand’s G Shifter is also on sale, with a 30% price drop. The €34,90 figure certainly makes building one’s first rig more affordable.

Thrustmaster Sim Racing Gear

Speaking of more premium wheels, the Thrustmaster range offers a greater variety in quality. Almost every level of the hardware manufacturer’s range is on sale.

Starting out with the Logitech G29’s main rivals, the Thrustmaster T128, TMX and T248 all feature discounted prices in the Amazon Prime Day sale. At the lower end, the T128 is best suited for children, with its smaller wheel diameter. It comes in at €139,99 representing a 30% discount. The larger, and older, TMX will cost €149,99 rather than the standard €229,99. Finally, the slightly more expensive Thrustmaster T248 drops by 34% to €229,99.

Rise through to Thrustmaster ranks and you will stumble upon the T300RS, which is also available on sale. Usually costing €449,99, it will now only set you back €329,99 thanks to a 27% drop. The advantage of this belt-driven model is its ability to use different wheel rims. Thrustmaster also has several add-on wheels in the sale.

Recently, Thrustmaster launched its Ferrari 488 GT3 wheel. But even before that, the two brands have had a close relationship for many years. Two products resulting from the relationship are available for a discount in the Amazon Prime Day deal. The intricate SF1000 wheel is perfect for F1 simulation and comes in at €299,99 thanks to a 25% drop.

The best simulation of a vintage car surely must feature an H-pattern shifter. If the aforementioned Logitech G Shifter is overly cheap for your taste, Thrustmaster has an alternative. This week, one can pick up the TH8A shifter on Amazon for €154,98 rather than €199,99.

Finally, sim racers often say it is a good idea to upgrade your pedals before any other equipment. With that in mind, Thrustmaster’s uprated T-LCM pedals feature a price cut of 20% in the sale. The load cell brake pedal comes in at just under €184,99 this week.

ProductBase PriceDiscountCurrent Price
The Crew Motorfest€69,9929%€49,99
F1 23€79,9949%€40,49
Logitech G923€270,496%€254,90
Logitech G Shifter€49,9930%€34,90
Thrustmaster T128€199,9930%€139,99
Thrustmaster TMX€229,9935%€149,99
Thrustmaster T248€349,9934%€229,99
Thrustmaster T300 RS€449,9927%€329,99
Thrustmaster SF1000 Wheel€399,9925%€299,99
Thrustmaster TH8A€199,9923%€154,98
Thrustmaster T-LCM€229,9920%€184,99

How to get Amazon Prime Day prices

As aforementioned, one can only make the most of these special deals if they subscribe to Amazon Prime. So if you are looking at any of the larger discounts on big-price products, perhaps getting a membership for this month is not a bad idea. However, if you are looking to gain just a few percentage points, the full price is likely the best course of action.

As a further disclaimer, these deals are all available on the German version of Amazon. Whilst some may feature in other countries, others may be discounted at a different rate or not at all. It is worth checking for yourself to see what is available in your country. Following a lot of scrolling through offers, we notice that Italy shares similar deals as Germany. However, France and the UK feature drastically different offers.

As one might note, the current sale does not feature any equipment from Fanatec, another well-known manufacturer. Sim racing rig builders also retain their full prices.

If the racing wheel prices are still too expensive for your taste, we put together an in-depth used wheel market guide a few weeks ago. Make sure to check there for any second hand equipment you may need.

Will you get any sim racing products in this Amazon Prime Day sale? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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