simracing in the steam winter sale 2022

Best Simracing Deals in Steam Winter Sale

It’s Christmas which means Steam is once again dropping the price of many items in its store. The Steam Winter Sale covers everything in gaming, which also includes some amazing deals for simracing titles.

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The Steam Winter Sale drops the price of almost everything on the popular PC gaming store by a significant amount. Even fresh releases like the newly released Call of Duty game are available for a reduced price. Naturally, this means plenty of simracing titles can be snapped up for cheap.

From must-have cult classics to brand new games from this year, the sale is the perfect opportunity to complete your library. So let’s have a look at the best simracing deals from the Steam Winter Sale.

Time to Get that Game you’ve been Waiting for?

Sales are a great opportunity to purchase that one game you’ve always wanted but aren’t sure if you’d commit to it. These games that distance themselves from the mainstream always intrigue gamers, but you may not want to pay full price for something to dabble in now and then.

Thanks to its most recent update, has definitely gained a lot of fans in recent weeks. And this might be the perfect time to get your hands on the title famous for its car crashes. The soft body physics on show in this title are its party piece, though as many say, its driving physics certainly stand proud among other simulators. It’s currently available at -20%.

Another title known for massive, yet entertaining crashes is Wreckfest. Best played online against friends, it’s a racing game with a twist. In this title, you’re encouraged to knock the speed out of your opponents’ cars. You can now get it for 60% off on Steam.

Even further from the beaten track – quite literally – is Snowrunner. Certainly not about racing, this game lets you cross challenging terrain in a host of vehicles as you attempt to make deliveries in the wilderness. The Spintires formula has been around for a while, but it’s still worth a purchase, especially at 45% off.

Finally, delivering packages through the mud and snow is somewhat complicated. Sometimes, you might want to turn off your brain and simply cruise around an accurate representation of Europe or America. Euro Truck Simulator, and its American cousin are both at 3/4 price during the Steam Winter Sale. These are both excellent games if you want an hour or two to listen to your favourite podcast.

Formula 1 Features Heavily in the Steam Winter Sale

Formula 1 is a huge part of motorsport, and in consequence, a huge part of simracing. The two latest official games, both F1 22 and F1 Manager 22 are currently 60% off on Steam, making for some great savings.

An F1 car decked in Audi colours, dark grey with a red base and red rims.
Image Credit: EA

Setting itself apart from the typical driving title, F1 Manager 22 became immensely popular upon release. The ability to manage every aspect of an F1 team from the drivers to car development and even Mmarketing is a unique experience.

Simracing Classics on Offer

In simracing, there are a small selection of titles that must feature in everyone’s library for differing reasons. They each do exactly what they’re designed to do and can’t be beaten in the current simracing environment.

Automobilista 2 is certainly one of the best looking titles in simracing thanks to the Madness engine. Though being developed by Reiza, its biggest attraction is surely its wide array of niche content. From Brazilian stock cars to everyone’s favourite Cart cars and a great selection of tracks. Get this game with all DLC packs currently available for less than half price. The base game is even better a deal at 70% off.

Assetto Corsa is a cheap game anyway on Steam. But the king of mod-ability with thousands upon thousands of cars, tracks and features available for download for free currently sits below the €8-mark thanks to a whopping 90% discount. The latest title from developer, Assetto Corsa Competizione also benefits from the Steam Winter Sale as the GT-centric sim has a devilish 66% price cut.

Despite recent open wheeler controversies with another title, rFactor 2 is certainly a must-have game. Thanks to hyper-realistic tyre physics, it is often named one of the best feeling titles out there. Thanks to Motorsport Games’ aggressive licensing aggreements, rF2 will soon be the only place to race Indycar officially, while BTCC and Le Mans sportscar content already dominates the game. Get the game while it’s cheap, at half price, as 2023 will be big for rFactor 2.

Rally Titles Battle it out in the Steam Winter Sale

Rallying in simracing is a discipline that doesn’t feature quite the variety of quality titles as regular road course racing. Though in recent years, two franchises have fought tooth and nail for the title of best rally game. To be honest, most people struggle to decide whether the Codemaster’s Dirt Rally 2.0 beats the official WRC series.

Well now, you don’t have to choose. Get the two leaders in rally sims at a discounted price. Dropping by 75%, Dirt Rally 2.0 now sits at €5 while the brand new WRC Generations is 30% off. This means you can get both games for less than €45.

All in all, pretty much every game under the sun is at a reduced price thanks to the Steam Winter Sale. It carries on until January, 5, so you’ll have plenty of time to pick up the games you want after the festive period.

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